Thanks to our C42 CHAMPS, MICRO-CHAMPS and all our generous donors, the SMALL WAYS TO 42K Campaign managed to raise a mindboggling $46,563.75! With the funds, we’ll be able to continue our work supporting the creation, documentation and promotion of Singapore theatre.

We are blown away by many contributions in money, time and effort from so many generous individuals. In each of our small ways, together, we’ve helped to keep Centre 42 going!

If you would like to support Centre 42, you can still make a donation at giving.sg/centre42.

A three by four collage of pictures from the Small Ways to 42K campaign.

Recap all the madcap activities during the SMALL WAYS TO 42K campaign in this album!

Centre 42 would like to warmly thank the following individuals for their generous support and participation in the SMALL WAYS TO 42K fundraising campaign:


Amanda Kim / Adria Lim / Adlina Anis / Ade Loh / Brendon Fernandez / Bright Ong / Carissa Lim / Charlotte Tan / Charmaine Teo / Cheng Xin Rui / Cheryl Tan / Clement Yeo / Damien Ng / Daniel Teo / Darryl Lim / Deborah Lim / Elizabeth Deng / Ella Wee / Eugene Koh / Fadhil Daud / Felicia Goh / Gillian Ong / Hidayat Malik / Hoe Su Fern / Izzul Irfan / Janice Yap / Jasmine See / Jeffrey Kang / Jesse Tan / Joey Cheng / Lim Jun De / Karen Tan / Kenny Leck / Lee Shu Yu / Leslie Lee / Lexus Quek / Lim Ci Xuan / Lim Yu-Beng / Ma Yanling / Mabel Yeo /  Mark Cheong / Megan Hon / Miriam Cheong / Nessa Anwar / Norisham Osman / Pavan J Singh / Ronice Ho / Ho Shu En / Sofie Buligis / Sreya Sanyal / Su Fang Shuian / Te Hao Boon / Victoria Wong / Hoe Wei Qi / Zulfadli Rashid (Big)


Adib Kosnan / Andy Tan / Ariane Vanco / Corrie Tan / Delicia Tan / Doreen Toh / Edlyn Ng / Ella Wee / Farizan Abubakar / Felipe Cervera / Fezhah Maznan / Gillian Ong / Grey Yeoh / Gua Khee Chong / Ivan Choong / Jocelyn Chng / Ke Weiliang / Kelvin Ang / Lynn Tan / Matthew Fam / Michael Ng / Mish’aal Nasar / Nabilah Said / Nah Dominic / Neo Rui Yin / Nicholas Lim / Rei Poh / Shireen Abdullah / Xuan Li  Leong / Zee Wong

Learn About Small Ways to 42K

A white cloud wearing a blue bandana with the words 'C42' in black. It has its arms raised and is smiling. The cloud stands atop a white rectangle with the words 'SMALL WAYS TO 42K' in black font.

Centre 42 needs to raise $42,000.

This year, we returned 42 Waterloo Street, our home since 2014. We’ve not only lost spaces for our artists and programmes, but also an important source of rental income. And, of course, the pandemic has thrown us, and the entire theatre community, for a loop. But – we’re used to challenges.


Our impact has been anything but small.

Centre 42 is small – small team, small spaces, small works. But if 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that the smallest things can have the largest impact. From a small blue house on Waterloo Street, we have grown to be home to more than 170 artists and theatre collectives, supported the development of over 200 new theatrical projects, and brought the magic of theatre to more than 40,000 audience members.


We need your help to continue our work.

For 2021, we’ve got new plans that’ll continue supporting the creation, documentation and promotion of Singapore theatre. They include all-new artist residency schemes, a revamped digital archive for Singapore theatre history, and more activities to promote our local theatre to the public. If you love Singapore theatre as much as we do, please support us.


In your own small way, you can help keep Centre 42 going.


Be a C42 Micro-Champ!

A smiling white cloud holding a blue flag with the words 'C42 Micro-champ'. The cloud stands atop a white rectangle with the words 'BE A C42 MICRO-CHAMP!' in black font.

Every little bit counts.

When a lot of people do a little bit regularly, that adds up pretty quickly! By signing up as a C42 MICRO-CHAMP, you can donate as little as $10, automatically deducted every month – it’s easy and hassle-free!

Furthermore, C42 MICRO-CHAMPS will stand to gain the following benefits:

  • 250% Tax Deduction with min. $10 donation.
  • Exclusive C42 Thank-You postcard and a photograph of the blue house.
  • Your name below in a tile with your chosen shade of blue.
  • A customised Zoom background with your chosen shade of blue.
  • If you’re a C42 MICRO-CHAMP throughout the entire campaign, your name and shade of blue will go up in our office!

Head to giving.sg/centre42 to sign up.

A six by five grid of names in rectangles of various colours. At the top are the words 'C42 MICRO-CHAMPS' in black font.

Support a C42 Champ!

A white hand extends out from a white rectangle with the words 'Support a C42 Champ!'. In the hand is a small blue cloud wearing a green sash with the word 'CHAMP' and a yellow star.

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.

Several brave individuals have stepped up to use small ways to do big things. Our C42 CHAMPS will be raising funds by attempting various challenges throughout the next few months.

A two by five grid of pictures of various C42 Champs.

Click here to learn about our C42 CHAMPS and their challenges!

You can also follow along the challenges on our Facebook and Instagram.

Head to giving.sg/centre42 to support them.

Share Your C42 Stories!

A smiling white cloud wearing a blue bandana with the words 'C42' on it. The cloud is standing on a white rectangle with the words 'Share Your C42 Stories!'.

Spread the news!

If you’re not able to make a donation, no fear – there are other small ways to help us out. Simply take to social media and tell us your C42 stories! Post about all the small ways C42 has impacted you, tag us @centre42, and use the hashtag #smallwaysC42.

The best C42 “small ways” story will be featured on our Instagram page as part of our #humansofC42 series!


All illustrations generously created by Deborah Lim, @beaneggs for Centre 42’s SMALL WAYS TO 42K fundraiser campaign.