Writing Queer Joy

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27 January 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00pm
Centre 42 Office
$30 - $50
James Ley
  • Fees are on a sliding scale from $30-$50
  • Register here! Capacity limited to 12 pax, first-come-first-served.


With a focus on queer characters and queer stories, this workshop is an introduction to developing character-driven queer drama for stage and screen. Join award-winning Scottish playwright and screenwriter James Ley, as he facilitates his favourite creative-thinking and playwriting exercises to help you harness queer joy in your writing.

Workshop Details

This workshop will accept participants who fulfil the following pre-requisites: 

  • Emerging writers who have written at least one full-length play
  • Writers interested in telling queer stories

Workshop fees will be on a sliding scale from $30 - $50.

The workshop will accept a maximum of 12 participants. 


A photograph of workshop attendees gathered around the table, looking towards James and Ahmad at the head of the table.

James introduces his approach to playwriting and gets the participants to think through why playwrights often write from a place of queer trauma, as well as what queer joy means to them.

A photograph of Ahmad and James reading from "Ode to Joy".

James invites Ahmad Musta'ain, playwright, educator and a friend of James, to read from a section of "Ode to Joy" as an example for participants to understand the exercise of creating a character.

A photograph of all the participants of "Writing Queer Joy" in the Centre 42 Office.

At the end of the workshop, each of the participants took away a seed of an idea for a character or scene that they could continue developing. Here's a group photo with all of the participants! 

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