Dramaturgy and Technology with Su Wen-Chi

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24 May 2019 | 6:00 - 10:00pm
Practice Space, The Theatre Practice
Su Wen-Chi

Following a residency at CERN in Switzerland, Su Wen-Chi was inspired by the similarities that both the arts and sciences shared in their approach to research and conceptual thinking. In this workshop, Su Wen-Chi will share her experiences being artist-in-residence at the largest particle physics laboratory in the world and the experimental processes she uses to translate scientific thought into choreographic form. Workshop participants will be guided through sets of physical exercise which will help them grasp the principals of quantum physics (like on the density of space, dividing things half and half). The session will wrap with a debrief and discussion. Participants are required to use their own mobile phones and earphones in this workshop.

Selected participants are strongly encouraged to attend the ADN Conference 2019 on 25 & 26 May 2019, especially the panel on "Dramaturgy and Technology" on the second day, featuring practitioners Martyn Coutts (Australia), Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan) and Jompet Kuswidananto (Indonesia).

This workshop is suitable for artists who:

  • Work full-time and freelance in dance, theatre, visual and/or new media arts.
  • Enjoy movement improvisation, although dance training is not necessary.
  • Are 21 years old and above.

Interested participants are required to send in the following to info@asiandramaturgs.com:

  • A brief introduction of yourself and why you want to participate in this workshop.
  • A brief description of a project you are currently undertaking or plan to undertake, that involves performance and technology. 
  • A curriculum vitae/portfolio.

Deadline: 29 April 2019, 11.59pm

Selected applicants will be notified by email on 10 May 2019.

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