Whistle-Blowing Policy

The Centre is committed to a high standard of transparency, integrity, compliance and accountability. The whistle-blowing policy aims to provide a means through which employees or members of the public could, in good faith, report any activity that infringes on the Centre’s code of conduct or violates the law so that the Centre may take the relevant action.

This policy covers serious whistle-blowing concerns that could have a significant impact on the Centre. These include:

(a) Financial and non-financial malpractices or impropriety such as fraud, corruption, bribery or theft;

(b) unlawful activities;

(c) Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, disabilities; and

(d) Serious conflict of interest without disclosure.

If employees or members of the public have cause to suspect serious concerns, a report should be made via email to whistleblow@centre42.sg by completing the Whistle-blower Report Form.

Reports of whistle-blowing concerns are kept confidential to the extent possible to meet the needs of the investigation. The Centre is committed to protect a person who reports in good faith from intimidation, retaliation or adverse employment consequence.

The Centre has appointed 2 Co-Whistle-blowing Governance Officers who each has access to the afore-mentioned email account. One officer is a board member and the other officer is a member of the senior management.

Please note: - It is necessary for the person reporting to demonstrate that there are sufficient grounds for real concerns.