Type of work supported

An eight-week long residency for three to five selected artists, The Vault: Lite accepts proposals seasonally via open calls. We are looking for ideas that:
Respond to a text-based work from the Singapore Theatre canon of their choice.
Respond to the given theme of the open call.
Display innovative approaches to interpreting the selected canonical text.
A Whole New World?
The Vault: Lite is an eight-week residency aimed at the creation of  contemporary responses to Singapore Theatre classics. The pilot edition of The Vault: Lite saw five projects selected from an open call, each responding to a play of their choice.  Since January 2021, the artists-in-residence of The Vault: Lite — Cheryl Tan and Isaiah Lee, Ke Weiliang, Lim Si Hui, Lim Shien Hian and Ruzaini Mazani — have been exploring and experimenting with local plays along the
A Whole New World?
Start: 3 January 2021


Who is this residency for?

This platform is for theatre practitioners who are interested in exploring past works from the Singapore Theatre canon and creating contemporary responses to them.

What is the structure of The Vault: Lite?

The Vault: Lite is a 8 to 12-week long residency for 3 to 5 artists-in-residence. It will culminate in a series of concept sharing sessions at key milestones with fellow artists-in-residence and the public. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A public mid-point sharing where the selected artists can expect to discuss and share about their progress and some approaches they have adopted
  • A public sharing at the end of the residency which could take the form of a lecture or a creative presentation, but must demonstrate:
  • The project’s premise
  • The project’s discoveries
  • A creative direction
How is this residency different from The Vault?

Both The Vault and The Vault: Lite have similar aims of encouraging engagement with plays from Singapore theatre history and manifesting them as responses from both a critical and a personal point of view. However, unlike The Vault, The Vault: Lite is a shorter 8 to 12 week-long residency aimed at the ideation of such a response. Hence, The Vault: Lite is the exploratory arm of The Vault, which focuses on the upstream process of creating the response, with an emphasis on experimenting and ideating genre, form and content. In addition, The Vault: Lite may carry a theme that artists-in-residence will have to respond to. The Vault: Lite is also open to 3 to 5 artists-in-residence per intake, in order to stimulate cross-sharing and mutual support for this early ideation and research stage.

What can artists-in-residence look forward to as part of this residency?

Artists-in-Residence can look forward to

  • A fixed stipend
  • Opportunities for documentation, artist reflection and social media features
  • Future possibilities in developing their ideas into a future The Vault project
How often does this residency accept artists-in-residence?

The Vault: Lite holds seasonal Open Calls once a year. Please stay tuned for more updates.

How do I apply to be under the The Vault:Lite Residency?

To apply to be a part of The Vault: Lite Residency, please look out for our seasonal Open Calls. Applicants may be required to submit a proposal articulating their project ideas, including the following:

  • Choice of play from Singapore Theatre canon
  • A research question that responds to the selected play
  • How the research question and play relate to the theme