coming back by Chuah Weiqi


A young woman revisits her childhood home and realises she has lost all emotional connection with her hometown. As she struggles to rebuild connections with an old friend, a surreal encounter with a ghostly young girl takes her on a trip down memory lane, where she finds herself faced with confronting her past and redefining what “home” means to her.

Artist's Statement/Inquiry

coming back follows a young woman’s search for belonging and seeks to explore our relationship with spaces and memory. This work-in-progress aims to:

  • Explore memory through a non-linear storytelling form, as an attempt to reflect on our hazy relationship with nostalgia and trauma, and the ways in which they colour our experiences and perception.
  • Examine the complex relationships between characters through the writing and workshop process, to find the nuances in friendships that have been influenced by time, distance, and perceived notions of trust and abandonment.
  • Externalise a character’s psyche, their intangible conflicts and motivations, by utilising the stage as a liminal space for processing and charting internal journeys.