Type of work supported

Every other month, we open our inboxes for script submissions from playwrights seeking dramaturgical support for their work. From a shortlist, one script will receive a facilitated, closed-door script circle with professionals present, and two will receive one-on-one dramaturgy sessions with our Writer in Residence. This is not a presentation opportunity, but an offer of considered dramaturgical support for scripts in the drafting process. Each Residency call seeks:
We currently only accept plays in English. Plays written in other languages, or in multiple languages, must come with translations.
We prioritise completed drafts of full length plays (~at least 60 minutes).
2023 Season
There will be three cycles of the New Scripts Garage scheduled for 2023. If you have a script you would like to receive feedback on, look out for the detailed open call dates of each cycle. The upcoming New Scripts Garage Open Call for submissions is from 14 - 18 October 2023. The closed-door Script Circle will take place on Mon, 27 November 2023.
New Scripts Garage, November 2023
The New Scripts Garage is a regular offer of dramaturgical support for new scripts, convened every other month, with low barriers to entry. On a regular basis, we open our inboxes for script submissions from playwrights seeking dramaturgical support for their work. For the November 2023 cycle, we are collaborating with Teater Ekamatra to offer a Malay-language edition, that will accept up to eight scripts through an Open Call. Please note that this is not a presentational platform. This short-for
Start: November 2023


Who is this platform for?

This platform is for playwrights of any experience level who would like to receive considered, professional feedback on their scripts.

What kind of scripts can I submit?

We accept completed drafts of full length plays (at least ~ 60 minutes) in English, or in other languages with translations provided in English.

Future editions of the New Scripts Garage may specifically call for scripts in Malay, Tamil, or Chinese. At this time, we are not accepting books for musicals, screenplays, or libretti.

We are not accepting straight adaptations of other work (e.g. novels, films), but will accept adaptations with a clear creative, re-inventive, and/or radical approach.

How do you decide the suitability of the application?

A team of readers, made up of directors, playwrights, and dramaturgs, will consider the submissions. Based on the quality of the script and the writer’s needs as expressed in the application form, they will then recommend either of the following:

  1. A facilitated script circle where the playwright meets with readers and a team of directors, dramaturgs, writers and actors to receive feedback in a discussion setting.
  2. A one-on-one dramaturgy session with our Writer in Residence.
  3. A consolidation of written feedback from the reading panel.

This programme prioritises writer development over polish, and aims to get the writer excited to work on the next draft of their script, with a clearer sense of where to go

What happens after my submission?

Because of our current reading capacity, we will only consider the first six eligible scripts that come into our inbox at closing time. These six scripts will be handed over to the team of readers, who will then read and deliberate on which three scripts will go on to the next stage.

The Script Circle will be organised by Centre 42, who will invite actors, writers, directors, and dramaturgs from a pool of artists we have been working closely with on this programme.

The scripts receiving one-on-one dramaturgy sessions will be scheduled directly with our Writer in Residence, who will read the scripts and provide detailed feedback in discussion with the writer.

Scripts that were not shortlisted will receive written feedback from the reading team and writers are welcome to submit subsequent drafts for future iterations of the New Scripts Garage.

Is this a presentation opportunity? Will shortlisted scripts be staged for an audience or receive a public reading?

No. This is a revised version of the previous New Scripts Residency, which was a short-term incubation and presentation platform.

In this iteration, the focus is on detailed, discussion-based dramaturgical support. The Script Circle is a closed-door event, the purpose of which is for the play to be heard and appraised in a discussion facilitated by a writer, director, or dramaturg.

How often does this residency take place?

We intend for this programme to take place every other month, up to four cycles a year. The schedule depends on the Centre's resources. The Open Call for script submissions is announced a month before the scheduled dramaturgy sessions. The submissions box will be open for 1 week, and closes once it receives the first six scripts. 

How many plays can I submit? How often can I re-apply?

We only accept one play per writer each cycle. 

If you had submitted multiple plays in one cycle, only the 1st submission will be considered as eligible.

If you did not make the cut-off time, you are welcome to apply again for the next cycle.

If your submission was eligible but not shortlisted for either the Script Circle or 1-on-1 consultations, you are welcome to apply again with a subsequent draft.

If your play has received dramaturgical support in one cycle, we cannot support it again in subsequent cycles of the New Scripts Garage.