My Grandfather’s Road (Rhds) 阿爺條路 ~ 兔心龍魂 by Neo Kim Seng

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January 2019 to April 2019


Neo Kim Seng grew up in Pasir Panjang on Neo Pee Teck Lane, a side road named after his grandfather, until he moved out in 1973. My Grandfather’s Road is a collection of stories of the familial haven that stood along the road, stories that have helped him reconnect with his idyllic childhood and his family’s history. It does not dwell in nostalgia but instead explores how personal stories make us who we are.

The latest iteration of My Grandfather’s Road includes new stories that were unearthed, new speculations and reflections, and forgotten histories.

Karen Tan will be joined on stage by Loong Seng Onn in the English version. In the Cantonese version, Tan Cher Kian and Gary Tang come together, this time questioning who is telling the real story.

Credit source: Esplanade Presents: The Studios 2019

My Grandfather's Road was developed under Centre 42's Basement Workshop (now known as the Creation Residency). Read about Basement Workshop here.


8 – 17 March 2019
Exhibition and Readings at The Arts House as part of Textures 2019
18 – 21 April 2019
Performance at Esplanade Theatre Studio as part of Esplanade Presents: The Studios 2018


My Grandfather’s Road was first presented in 2015 as an English-language monologue, a photo exhibition and a book as one of nine performances at Cake Theatrical Productions’ 10th anniversary celebrations, Running with Strippers. It was conceived and written by Neo Kim Seng as a way of reconnecting with childhood memories of living on Neo Pee Teck Lane, which was named after his paternal grandfather.

In 2017, Kim Seng revisited the text of My Grandfather’s Road, refreshing it in the spoken language of his childhood – Cantonese. He also explored Cantonese as it is spoken on both sides of the Causeway. There were two versions of The Vault: My Grandfather’s Road – one in Singaporean Cantonese performed by Gary Tang, and one in Malaysian Cantonese performed by Tan Cher Kian. Read more about The Vault: My Grandfather’s Road here.

In 2018, an updated iteration of My Grandfather’s Road was independently produced and staged by Kim Seng. This iteration comprised two performances: the Cantonese versions updated by Gary Tang and Tan Cher Kian, and a new English monologue performed by Karen Tan.


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Neo Kim Seng
Playwright, Director
Tan Cher Kian
Playwright, Cast
Gary Tang
Playwright, Cast


My Grandfather’s Road (Rhds) (2019), Review
This is My Grandfather's Road... As a child born and raised in Singapore, this reviewer grew up quite familiar with this common reprimand for any kind of unruly behaviour: “eh you think this is your grandfather’s road ah!” This is not a claim to fame just anyone could make, but Neo Kim Seng certainly can: his grandfather was businessman Neo Pee Teck, for whom Neo Pee Teck Lane is named. For multidisciplinary practitioner Kim Seng, My Grandfather’s Road is clearly a painstakingly as
Idelle Yee
Reviewed: 20 April 2019