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April 2021
April 2021
Since 2021
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About the Working Group

CITRUS practices stands for Care, Intimacy, TRaUma-informed & Safer practices in the arts. We are a loose working group of arts and cultural workers who came together in 2021 to dream, read and explore ways to further grow conversations and better practices in the arts.

To hear/read more about our beginnings, you can look up this podcast a few of us did with Arts Equator: 

In the long run, we hope to improve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of arts and cultural workers – this is so that work within the arts ecosystem is more emotionally- and mentally-sustainable for current and future generations!

Concretely, the working group is looking to organise a range of initiatives including: (1) mapping care practices happening in the arts industry; (2) creating platforms for us to practice care together, as well as; (3) advocating for a greater awareness of care in the arts. A current CITRUS practices project is the Library of Care, which is intended to be a public online resource that introduces key concepts and strategies around care in artmaking processes. To access the draft of the Library, feel free to just drop us a request via

CITRUS practices is driven by the interests, desires and capacities of the people in the working group, and is also a deliberately porous space, so if you are interested in supporting our work and/or running projects under CITRUS practices, please feel free to write to current Co-Coordinators Gua Khee and Elizabeth at

Instagram: @citrus.practices

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