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About Brown Voices

Brown Voices (BV) is Singapore’s first collective of Indian theatre practitioners and playwrights. A 12-member team, founded by freelance Indian actor-director-playwright Grace Kalaiselvi, BV supports, encourages and trains play-writing, especially for quality play scripts where the narratives by Indians in Singapore take centre stage. The group previously had their regular meetings at C42, and made their debut with a reading of original works at C42’s Late-Night Texting 2019.

Under the Co-Lab Residency, Brown Voices will be presenting a series of new play-readings of freshly written scripts, as well as workshops where members will be sharing on their topics of interest and how they may intersect with theatre. 

Residency Milestones

January 2021
Joined the Co-Lab Residency
13 & 14 Aug 2021
Nation & Writing: Using National Allegory in Playwriting
Workshop by Hemang Yadav


When Frederic Jameson came up with the notion that all third-world literature was a ‘national allegory’ he created a furore amongst third-world writers and critics. At the same time, many writers embraced this concept as a very useful reading strategy that allows for interrogating the effects of nation-building and overcoming the ‘crippling habits of colonialism’. This workshop explores how this concept can be usefully employed or subverted to create new play scripts. The workshop will use Haresh Sharma’s Model Citizens as an important case study of a play that (consciously) uses and perhaps deconstructs the national allegory.

Through the workshop, participants should gain a greater consciousness of the ubiquitous and insidious presence of the national allegory in numerous local plays. This consciousness should provide them with a tool for coming up with plots and characters who can both exemplify the effects of nation-building and maintenance of national identity as well as question, deconstruct and subvert them.

Aug 2021
More Than a Red Dot: A Survey of SG Indian Things
Workshop by Vithya Subramaniam


Our everyday is full of objects—things that enact our actions, give shape to our work, and stand for our presence. This workshop explores the material experience and expressions of ‘Indian-ness’ in Singapore. Through a series of guided activities, we will identify salient objects and discuss the ways objects give form to the varied ways of being Indian here.

While serving as a space for considered discussion, the workshop will inform

  1. A staged lecture-performance, and
  2. Vithya Subramaniam’s doctoral thesis.

More Details:


Vithya Subramaniam
Workshop Facilitator
8 - 10 Aug 2021
Mythology Workshop & Play-Read by Hemang Yadav
"Purana Residences" and "Makyng the Myth Myne: Using Mythology in Playwriting"

As part of Centre 42’s Co-Lab Residency, Brown Voices’ Hemang Yadav presents a playwriting mini-series exploring mythology in plays! A brand new work-in-progress, Purana Residences, will be presented alongside with a two-part workshop titled Makyng the Myth Myne: Using Mythology in Playwriting.

About the Programme:


Hemang Yadav
Workshop Facilitator

Past Years

Brown Voices was in the Co-Lab Residency from January 2021 to January 2022. While in residence, members of Brown Voices presented an array of programmes for fellow playwrights and the community, including:

  • Purana Residences — A Work-in-Progress Reading by Hemang Yadav
  • Makyng the Myth Myne: Using Mythology in Playwriting by Hemang Yadav
  • More Than a Red Dot: A Survey of SG Indian Things by Vithya Subramaniam
  • Nation & Writing: Using National Allegory in Playwriting by Hemang Yadav