Something-Something Working Group

Start date of Residency
June 2022
June 2022
Since 2021

About the Working Group

The Something-Something Working Group was first convened through the ELEMENT#10 Research Residency at Dance Nucleus in November-December 2021. The aim is to imagine and prototype new paradigms and infrastructures for knowledge production, artistic practice and their contingent entanglements. The working group desires to facilitate ways in which artists/arts practitioners, arts workers and arts organisations (or institutions) in Singapore might question, reflect on and articulate their internal infrastructures and working processes. Through the group's long-term curiosity and engagement, these different constituencies may be able to gain a broader picture of how their practice is positioned within and also shifts the wider Singaporean arts ecology—and the hopes, possibilities and futures that might emerge from this process of dialogue and reflection. This includes considering how these individuals and groups document their processes and practices (SG Arts Plan 2018-2022).

During the residency, the collective worked on developing and articulating a facilitation framework that could support artists, institutions and organisations to be more self-reflexive about their projects, positionalities, processes and practices. Through this process, the collective also aims to examine how they are located within the artistic ecology in Singapore, and whether their framework and methodology are more specific to the Singapore arts context or could be broadly applicable to other arts contexts.

Residency Milestones

June 2022
Joined the Co-Lab Residency
Phase 1: Reawakening

Session #1 

  • Sharing with each other about new/re-orientations about how we each approach facilitation 
  • Mapping out our own histories with Centre 42 as an institution
  • Structuring the invitation for the Minimum Viable Hologram (MVH) for the staff at Centre 42 in the next session 

Session #2 with Centre 42

  • Discuss the distinctions between individual-as-individual and individual-as-representative of an organisation
  • Facilitate an individual Minimum Viable Hologram (MVH) for a Centre 42 staff member, as an introduction to the Hologram and an orientation to the  working group’s approach
    • This means that one of the staff at Centre 42 would be asked to volunteer to be the Hologram, and at least one other staff member would be asked to volunteer to be a triangle member
  • Discuss similarities and differences between the Hologram and other approaches to understanding a person/practices/institutions and organisations
  • Rejig details of the residency and engagement with Centre 42
Phase 2: Adaptation

Session #4 with Centre 42

  • Facilitate a Hologram for a staff at Centre 42, distinguishing between them as an individual person and them as a part of Centre 42

Session #5

  • Debrief experience of running the Hologram
  • Experiment internally with an adapted Hologram structure

Session #6 with Centre 42

  • Facilitate the adapted Hologram structure with staff at Centre 42 (Yanling, Eugene, Jaclyn), including a debrief as part of the structure

Session #7

  • Internal check-in for working group
  • Consolidate thoughts and plans for the second half of the residency
Phase 3: Consolidation and reflections

Session #8-10

  • Reflection within the working group as to the working group’s approach, and work on articulating key principles of our approach

Session #11

  • Touch base with Centre 42, which may include facilitating a second Hologram

Session #12

  • Reflection within the working group 
  • Discuss next steps for the working group