Type of work supported

The residency invites artists to form an archival collection of their work or somebody else’s, both active and defunct, working with existing memorabilia or amassing material anew. While it is a theatre archive, we welcome collections that are not only limited to productions, and should include:
An artefact-centred process that focuses on collecting, organizing and making sense of Singapore Theatre history
The digitising, archiving and housing of part of the collection within our C42 Archive of Singapore Theatre.
Engagement with the wider community through outreach and sharing activities
Our Space In Time
Our Space in Time is a digital exhibition about a community theatre group and its relationship with different types and forms of space over its decade-long run. The exhibition draws on artefacts and memories from the group’s history, capturing snapshots of youthful enthusiasm and spirit of a generation of theatre practitioners. Yellow Chair Productions ran most of its programmes out of rooms and studios in Tampines Central Community Club and later, through partnerships with different organisations, were
Our Space in Time: Archiving Yellow Chair Productions
Start: 1 August 2021


Who is this platform for?

This platform is for theatre practitioners and collectives who are interested in forming a story that fills a gap in the Singapore Theatre landscape, past or present. It involves amassing artefacts and archiving them in order to record the history of any organisation or trend in order to build a fuller picture of local theatre.

What kind of support will Centre 42 provide?

Centre 42 will provide the following:

  • Fixed stipend to the Resident
  • Expertise and consultations on archival methods, contextual, engagement and logistics support where applicable during the archiving process.
  • Collection to be situated within the C42 Archive of Singapore Theatre.
  • Centre 42 may also provide marketing, logistical support and venue support for public engagement sessions held with as part of the Residency.
What is expected of Residents?

Residents are expected to engage with the following areas for the project:

  • Digitising a collection of artefacts
  • Creating an archive from the collection, a process which includes:
  • Supplying and generating relevant information on the collection and
  • Housing part of the collection within the C42 Archive of Singapore Theatre.
  • Curating a story through the collection
  • Engaging with the wider community through outreach activities
What should I do with my collection of artefacts?

As part of the residency, Centre 42 hopes to be able to house relevant and approproate parts of the collection within the C42 Archive of Singapore Theatre, subject to further discussions. Apart from that, the Resident is free to present their own collection of artefacts, findings and materials in any other way they wish, including, but not limited to setting up websites, creating online experiences or publishing books and reports of their own accord.

What kind of artefacts are permissible?

We encourage Residents to collect and include any materials and artefacts that serve the functions of the story they intend to tell. Therefore, the Residency does not limit the type of materials Residents wish to include. These could consist of correspondences or new interviews documenting oral history. Although the C42 Archive of Singapore Theatre may not be able to host the entirety of Resident’s collections, it is able to host the following formats: photographs, audio-visual material, essays, collaterals (i.e. programme booklet, brochure, postcards etc), and unpublished scripts.

How often does this residency accept artists-in-residence?

At the present moment, the Archival Residency is open to one project per year.

How do I apply to be under the Archival Residency?

There is no open call for the Archival Residency. If you wish to take part in the Archival Residency, or require more information, do email info@centre42.sg and we will get in touch with you.