New Scripts Residency
The New Scripts Residency offers dramaturgical support for new scripts through a table read or individual consultation sessions
The Writer-In-Residence is a bespoke scheme supporting experienced mid-career playwrights to further explore their writing development
Playwright's Professional Development Residency
A long-form residency programme for early-career playwrights that prioritises writer development and advocacy for their work
Creation Residency
The Creation Residency is a space for development of original process-drive and text-based work
Co-Lab Residency
The Co-Lab Residency is an artist-driven space for collaborative exploration of text-based practice
The Vault Residency
The Vault documents Singapore Theatre history and manifests as contemporary responses presented at Centre 42 premises
The Vault: Lite Residency
The Vault: Lite is aimed at the creation of contemporary responses to works from the Singapore theatre canon, with an emphasis on experimenting and ideating genre, form and content
Archival Residency
The Archival Residency invites independent artists and collectives to form an archival collection of their own body of work, or someone else’s, over a period of time to create and tell their stories through the archival process

In Residence Now

Something-Something Working Group
The Something-Something Working Group is Shawn Chua, Corrie Tan, Chong Gua Khee and Deanna Dzulkifli. Our hope is to imagine and prototype new paradigms and infrastructures for knowledge production, artistic practice and their contingent entanglements. We are currently playing with an adaptation of the Hologram (—a feminist, peer-to-peer framework and practice that redistributes the labour and ethics of caregiving. We have experimented with this framework at Dance Nucleus’ SCOPE#12 platform.
Start: June 2022
Under by Ang Hui Bin & Lee Shyh Jih
Amidst the seemingly never ending daily grind of city dwelling, the past caught up with a widowed man and a widowed woman in their twilight years. Reunited after decades in separate marriages, they found themselves confronted with an emotion tsunami surging from suppressed trembles in yesteryears. Can they make up for the lost time? Can they find peace before their flesh perish? UNDER is a closeup study of non verbal communications between the hearts through the lens of video framing, at times w
Start: 15 December 2021
Main Tulis Group
Main Tulis Group (MTG) is Singapore’s only collective that works on developing English and Malay plays. The emphasis is on “main” and “tulis”—writing organically, without restrictions—while also being about playwriting as a craft. The group organises regular readings of works-in- progress and is known for its dramatised readings showcase ETA : 9 MIN at Centre 42’s yearly event, Late-Night Texting. MTG also partners with institutions such as the Esplanade and the National University of Sing
Main Tulis Group
Start: February 2021
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