Dramaturgs &: In conversation with Producers

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12 March 2024 | 7:30 - 9:00pm
Rumah P7:1SMA @ Stamford Arts Centre, Block A, #03-01

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DRAMATURGS & is a new capsule series of roundtable conversations centering the work of and relationship between dramaturgs and their artistic collaborators. Dramaturgical thinking and application is integral in the work of all artists, yet a dramaturg’s role affords a dedicated lens that can expand and challenge artistic decisions. In cosy and candid sessions, we aim to unpack the relational, intricate and often invisible work of dramaturgs in creative processes and within artistic teams. 

The first conversation kicking off this series is DRAMATURGS & PRODUCERS, where we explore the working relationships between these two roles. What brings a producer and a dramaturg into a project together and how do they navigate their positionalities in an artistic collaboration? As multi-hyphenate practitioners who identify with both roles, how do they draw boundaries or ‘switch hats’, and is that necessary?

Join us in this exciting discussion facilitated by Juliet Chia, and hear from a panel of luminous producers Michele Lim, Melissa Lim and Fezhah Maznan.