Playwrights and their F*ck You Plays

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23 February 2023 | 7:30 - 9:30pm
Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street

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Content Warning: Frank discussions of race, racialised language and approximately 1,421 uses of “f*ck”

The four residents of Centre 42's Playwright's Professional Development Residency have spent the past six months reading and discussing plays that turn back the gaze, plays that dream about systems unraveling, plays that ask hard and pungent questions, plays that stare fear and proscription in the face. In short, they've been reading plays that say "F*CK YOU" in some form or another and turning these provocations and insights on their own practices.

This evening will be an intimate sharing of their discoveries, uncertainties, and ambitions for the future. Come listen to what they've got to share and stay for a casual chat with the artists at the end.

How to Write a Fuck You Play: The Play
by Rachel Chin
A female-presenting person standing in front of a large audience with her arms outstretched, face up, shouting. She is holding a piece of paper in her left hand.

Excerpts from Rachel Chin's How to Write a Fuck You Play: The Play were read by Raimi Safari, Shafiqhah Efandi and Vignesh Singh.

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How to Say Fuck You to Everyone, Everything, All at Once?
by Danial Matin
A male-presenting person in a green shirt, right hand outstretched towards another male-presenting person a short distance away, hands clasped in front of him and smiling.

Danial Matin's How to Say Fuck You to Everyone, Everything, All at Once? was read by Raimi Safari. 

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The actor as the Actor
by Ahmad Musta'ain Bin Khamis
A male-presenting person gesturing widely with his right hand. Beside him, a distressed-looking female-presenting person in a hijab bends over a script.

Ahmad Musta'ain Bin Khamis' The actor as the Actor was read by Shafiqhah Efandi and Vignesh Singh.

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In Absence
by A Yagnya
A female-presenting person in front of a standee, pointing and gesturing with her right hand and speaking.

A Yagnya read her own work, In Absence, in a spoken-word format. 

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Ahmad Musta’ain Khamis
A Yagnya
Danial Matin
Rachel Chin