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7 - 10 September 2018 | 9:30am - 10:00pm
Cemeti - Institute for Art and Society

ADN Lab is a structured experimental space for practice-based research in dramaturgy and the role of the dramaturg. It allows for observation and responses to how dramaturgs operate in rehearsal and workshop settings, as well as in dialogue with artists.
The goal of ADN Lab is to develop a practical approach to understanding the work of a dramaturg and dramaturgical thinking in Asia. ADN Lab aims to bring together artists and researchers who are involved in dramaturgical thinking and practice, and allocate them particular roles and responsibilities within a structure that allows for varied kinds of interaction and responses to performance-making and dramaturgy.

The inaugural ADN Lab comprises one day of public forums, two days of closed-door lab session, and a final day with a lab showcase for the public.


Us/Not US

Us/Not US is a theatrical work exploring the themes of city, state, and cultural citizenship.

Artistic Team

Director: Riyadhus Shalihin
Performers: Anis Harliani, Ganda Swarna, John Heryanto 
Scenographer: Agung Eko Sutrisno 

Dramaturg: Taufik Darwis 

Dramaturgical Team

Researcher-Provocateurs: Lisistrata Lusandiana, Fasyali Fadzly
Critical Respondents: Alia Swastika, Kei Saito, Gee Imaan Semmalar, Janice Poon
Meta-Analysis Commentator: Rustom Bharucha
Rapporteurs: Suluh Senja, Akanksha Raja
Observers: Irfanuddien Ghozali, Shohifur Ridho'i
Interpreter: Fiky Daulay 

Lab Moderators: Lim How Ngean, Charlene Rajendran

La Danse Macabre

La Danse Macabre is a multidisciplinary work investigating the culture of fear and death in Indonesian society.

Artistic Team

Visual Artist: Natasha Tontey
Choreographer/Dancer: Gusbang 

Dramaturg: Nindityo Adipurnomo 

Dramaturgical Team

Researcher-Provocateurs: Arham Rahman, Corrie Tan
Critical Respondents: Melati Suryodarmo, Ruhanie Perera, Kako Kishimoto, Mandeep Raikhy
Meta-Analysis Commentators: David Pledger, Marion D'Cruz
Rapporteurs: Ficky Trisanjaya, Dominic Nah
Observers: Sekar Putri Handayani, Nia Agustina, Doni Maulistya 
Interpreter: Theodora Agni

Lab Moderators: Lim How Ngean, Charlene Rajendran


In the Lab, the Artist will be developing a new work or revisiting an old work. In several workshop sessions, the Artist will work with the Dramaturg to deepen their understanding and explore new possibilities in the work. Together with the Dramaturg, they form the Artistic Team.

The Dramaturg will work with the Artist(s) in workshop sessions, with the aims of experimentation and exploration. The Dramaturg will facilitate clear lines of thought and dialogue. Together with the Artist, they form the Artistic Team.

The role of the Researcher-Provocateur is to open up ideas and ways of thinking, introducing perspectives of how the performance and the performance-making process can be viewed and understood. The Researcher-Provocateur will interview the Artistic Team (Artist and Dramaturg) before the start of the workshop sessions to clarify the goals for and expectations of the session.

The Critical Respondent will help the Artistic Team (Artist and Dramaturg) to think about the work through different lenses and deepen the dramaturgical understanding of the performance-making process. The Critical Respondent will provide feedback after a workshop session based on what was discussed between the Artist, Dramaturg, and Researcher-Provocateur in the interview preceding the session, and their observations of the session.

The Meta-Analysis Commentator will aim to position the process within broader critical and aesthetic frames, addressing 'big picture' issues such as performance-making processes, rehearsal flow, workshop structure, and working relationship between the Artist and Dramaturg. The Meta-Analysis Commentator will make observations throughout the day and only provide their analysis at the end of the day. The Meta-Analysis Commentator will critique the day's ongoings, and may raise questions and provide suggestions.

The Rapporteur will document the Lab proceedings through text and visual media. Through note-taking and other non-invasive recording methods, they will document the ongoings of the sessions and dialogues, as well as note their observations and questions.

The Observer is an audience member who observes the processes and working relationships that develop in the Lab. They are not expected to engage in the Lab proceedings but are free to interact with the Artist and Dramaturg at other times. The Observer is expected to provide a written report of the entire Lab proceedings.

The Lab Moderator will assist in the clarifications of the above roles, help address emerging concerns in the Lab, and provide support for all roles and participants to facilitate connections between practice and dialogue where needed.


7 September 2018
Keynote Lecture: Rustom Bharucha
0930 - 1100

Speaker: Rustom Bharucha
Chair: Lim How Ngean

7 September 2018
Panel #1: The Role of the Dramaturg in Performance-Making: Case Studies and Critical Reflections
1100 - 1230

Speakers: Taufik Darwis, Charlene Rajendran, Kei Saito, Lim How Ngean
Moderator: Marion D'Cruz

7 September 2018
Panel #2: The Dramaturg in Programming, Curating and Research: Case Studies and Critical Reflections
1400 - 1510

Speakers: Ruhanie Perera, Mandeep Raikhy, Muhammad Abbe Baasyin
Moderator: Charlene Rajendran

7 September 2018
Panel #3: Dramaturgies of Gender Performance
1530 - 1700

Speakers: Otniel Tasman, Gee Imaan Semmalar, Tamara Pertamina
Respondents: Naomi Srikandi, Brigitta Isabella
Moderator: Alia Swastika

7 September 2018
ADN Lab Briefing (Closed-Door)
1700 - 1800

This session is open to Lab participants only.

8 September 2018
Labs 1 & 2: Day 1
0930 - 1730

Lab 1 - Teater Garasi
Lab 2 - Sarang Building

  • Briefing / Introduction
  • Interview by Researcher-Provocateur 
  • Dialogue with Critical Respondents
  • Commentary by Meta-Analysis Commentator
  • Workshop
8 September 2018
Lecture: Dramaturgy and Assembly: Performing Network of Ideas
1930 - 2100

By: Akbar Yunmi, Yustiansyah Lesmana (Majelis Dramaturgi)
Critical Respondent: Lim How Ngean
Moderator: Linda Mayasari 

9 September 2018
Labs 1 & 2: Day 2
1000 - 1730

Lab 1 - Teater Garasi
Lab 2 - Sarang Building

  • Interview by Researcher-Provocateur 
  • Dialogue with Critical Respondents
  • Commentary by Meta-Analysis Commentator
  • Workshop
10 September 2018
Preparation for Lab Showcase
0930 - 1800

This session is open to Lab participants only.

10 September 2018
Lab Showcase
1900 - 2100
  • Introduction
  • Lab 1 Showcase
  • Lab 2 Showcase
  • Q&A moderated by Linda Mayasari and Corrie Tan
  • Meta-Analysis Commentaries
10 September 2018
Closing Remarks (Closed-Door)
2100 - 2200

This session is open to Lab participants only.

Photo Documentation

More photo documentation of ADN Lab 2018 can be found on Facebook.

Talks and Panels

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab Showcases

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Akanksha Raja
Alia Swastika
Critical Respondent, Moderator
Arham Rahman
Researcher, Provocateur
Charlene Rajendran
Moderator, Speaker
Corrie Tan
Researcher, Provocateur, Moderator