Koh Boon Pin In The Living Room with Desmond Sim

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17 April 2015 | 8:00 - 9:30pm
Centre 42 Black Box


In this double-bill edition, veteran journalist and actor Koh Boon Pin invites into the Living Room groundbreaking playwrights Russell Heng and Desmond Sim for two evenings of conversations and revelations behind their works.

On 17 April, playwright, artist and poet Desmond Sim discusses his body of work and offers insights on the confluence of writing, branding and marketing.

The Living Room is a programme by Centre 42 that welcomes chat and conversation. Through focused but casual dialogues and face-to-face exchanges, this programme encourages participants to re-examine trends, happenings, people (on & off-stage) and phenomena in Singapore theatre.

This session follows from the first conversation with activist, controversial playwright and scholar Russell Heng about his work in rejuvenating civil society on the stage and beyond.

Video Documentation

Veteran journalist and actor Koh Boon Pin converses with Singaporean playwright, poet and artist Desmond Sim about his play-writing journey and the juggling between his business consultancy and his artistic pursuits. They zoom through Desmond’s extensive list of creative works – plays, paintings, poetry – over the last three decades. The 70-minute Living Room Chat has been repackaged into a 3-part video recording.


Photograph of Koh Boon Pin In The Living Room with Desmond Sim

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