#archieologist Round-Up

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The Centre 42 Archive of Singapore Theatre is a treasure trove of information. Having amassed a large collection of digitised collaterals and other artefacts related to Singapore’s theatre history, the Archive is shaping up to be a rich resource for anyone interested in delving into research on or finding out more about Singapore theatre. 

We created the #archieologist series in 2022 as a way of promoting the use of the Archive by drawing attention to the different types of material and information it contains. Presenting this series on Instagram allowed us to engage closely with our followers and their friends - a circle of theatre enthusiasts and potential theatre goers. The face of this series is the mascot Archie, whom we introduced at the launch of the Archive in January 2022. Archie’s enthusiastic and lighthearted tone is meant to spark the joy in discovering connections and links between past and present productions, and to present that sense of wonder that we as the Archive team feel when sifting through these artefacts ourselves. 

The content curation is a response to the events that are happening in the year, such as the premiere of performing arts festivals, new productions, festive seasons and even world theatrical events. Through Archie, we excavate the relevant, sometimes unknown artefacts from the Archive, and create an educational narrative to share with our Instagram viewers. As we look back on the year, we have rounded up all the posts we have made under the #archieologist series. To date, we have 21 posts, and have mentioned 73 Archive entries. In the list below, you will find that we have tagged the relevant entries featured from the Archive in each #archieologist post. They’re conveniently linked below for your browsing, and you can see all of the posts collated in our Instagram guides here as well!

#archieologist Featured Artefacts

16 Feb 2022
Chinese New Year
25 Feb 2022
Tribute to Jit Murad
3 Mar 2022
Singapore International Festival of Arts
10 Mar 2022
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24 Mar 2022
The Glass Menagerie
8 Apr 2022
Chang & Eng: The Musical
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15 Apr 2022
Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily
22 Apr 2022
6 May 2022
The Weight of Silk on Skin
13 May 2022
ACTION Theatre
21 May 2022
Potong: From Page to Stage
30 May 2022
Drama Box
13 Jun 2022
15 Jul 2022
3 Sep 2022
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15 Sep 2022
Recalling Mother
23 Dec 2022
2022, A Year of Restagings
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Published: 18 January 2023