Dissecting Secretions — An Interview with Euginia for The Vault: Yeast
“Honestly speaking, I feel like I am the last person I thought would adapt an Elangovan play.” Euginia Tan, the playwright of Yeast, muses as she considers if she had any hesitations on embarking on The Vault: Yeast, her adaptation of the 2006 play Smegma into an all female cast. Through the process of rehearsing for the dramatised reading up to the presentation, we checked in with Euginia to learn more about her thoughts on working with the original text of Smegma to develop this response.
Published: 15 August 2022
Embarking on Yeast
It’s difficult to start on an essay around female violence- mainly because I don’t want to believe it can exist. As a woman, perhaps I’ve also been nurtured to be conservative on that aspect: Women are, after all, upheld with a certain grace and ethic, especially in terms of family-making. I think highly of women, and identify as a woman writer. What would it mean for me to question the sanctity of a woman’s place?  About seven to eight years ago, I watched an interview by Barbara Walters with Mary
Published: 30 June 2022
Inkpot Picks 2010
Our writers celebrate the new year by remembering the best and brightest shows we've seen over the past twelve months.  Obviously we didn't see every single production that was staged in 2010. Was there a worthy show we missed? - or is there something you want to say about one of our picks? That's what the Readers' Comments section below is for...
The Flying Inkpot
Published: 9 June 2022
Singapore Arts Emerging from the "Great Pause"
On 18 December 2021, Centre 42, ArtsEquator and Channel NewsTheatre (in collaboration with Artwave Studio) jointly presented Year in Review 2021: JENG JENG JENG - a series of on-air conversations about Singapore theatre broadcast ‘live’ on Channel NewsTheatre’s Telegram channel. While Year in Review continued its tradition of reflecting on productions put up by the Singapore theatre community in the past year, time was also specially dedicated to discussing some issues that affect arts workers across discip
Nabilah Said, Ke Weiliang, Lee Shu Yu
Published: 29 March 2022
CITRUS practising 101
About a year ago, 19 of us came together under the loose name of the ‘Care & Intimacy working group’. We had a rough proposal to spend the 12 months of the residency convening in smaller sub-groups, and we thought we might do some or all of these: mapping out the ‘care landscape’ in the local arts scene, organising practice sessions, and engaging with other individuals and organisations in the arts to advocate for broader and deeper adoption of care practices.  Fast forward to now (March 2022),
Published: 29 March 2022
Tamil Theatre in Singapore
Historians may locate the earliest sign of modern Tamil settlement in Singapore in the 1827 establishment of Sri Mariamman Temple for such a feat is premised on a sense of community driving collective action in raising capital and labour resources as well as support from the colonial state. As a community site where the Tamil people could gather for extended periods, Sri Mariamman Temple provided the first platform for Tamil Theatre in Singapore as traveling drama troupes—Nadaga Sabhas—from India set up sta
Vithya Subramaniam, Karthikeyan Somasundaram
Published: 23 March 2022
Interview about participating in Tunjuk Arah/ Iyakkunar
Created and produced by Fezhah Maznan with the support from the National Arts Council, Tunjuk Arah/ இயக்குனர், is a developmental programme for young and experienced directors to reflect on their practice and grow and be groomed by various local and regional directors in a structured learning environment. Under the mentorship of Edith Podesta and masterclasses by Theatre practitioners in the industry, the programme hoped to develop a group of directors who are able to direct engaging and affective works
Published: 23 March 2022
Works of Brown Voices 2019 - 2022
Brown Voices was formed in 2019 as a collective of Indian theatre practitioners, comprising playwrights, directors and performers. Since then, its members have gone on to stage 7 different works, ranging from dramatized readings, audio tours, installations and even a digital museum. Follow their journey as a collective below!
Published: 23 March 2022
South Asian Playwrights
As an introductory reading list, we’ve listed some of the fellow ‘brown voices’ outside of Singapore, from whom the Brown Voices draw inspiration. This is thus an incomplete list of contemporary South Asian playwrights, prepared partly in consultation with this listing from UC Berkeley.
Published: 23 March 2022

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