Singapore Theatre in 2017

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Singapore Theatre in 2017 is created by Centre 42 as an attempt to document all local theatre productions in the year 2017 in a timeline, as a visual representation of the vibrancy of the Singapore theatre scene. Singapore Theatre in 2017 was exhibited in the Centre 42 courtyard from 14 December 2017 to 31 January 2018.

Responding to public feedback, the panels have been revised. At this point, they capture 133 dramatic works that were staged in 2017.

Click on the PDF below to view the timeline.

Singapore Theatre in 2017

Panels last updated 28 March 2018.

If you discover productions missing from the timeline, have any suggestions or spot any errors, please write to us at

Additional Information

Singapore Theatre in 2017 is supplemented with information from the following Centre 42 initiatives:

  • The Repository is a digital archive of Singapore theatre ephemera. Several productions in the timeline which are restagings of earlier works are accompanied by images of Repository artefacts from these prior stagings.
  • Citizens’ Reviews is a critical writing programme. Productions in the timeline which have been reviewed by a Citizen Reviewer have been marked with “CR”.

Special Thanks

Singapore Theatre in 2017 is created by Centre 42.

Daniel Teo

Gwen Pew
Ma Yanling
Daniel Teo

Max Yam (Arts Republic)
Ke Weiliang

Checkpoint Theatre
Drama Box
I Theatre
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Teater Ekamatra
The Finger Players
The Necessary Stage
The Theatre Practice
Toy Factory Productions
W!ld Rice

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