Jit Murad Plays

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JIT MURAD PLAYS is the much-anticipated anthology of works for the stage by Jit Murad, described by the late theatre doyen, Dato' Krishen Jit, as Malaysia's 'contemporary penglipur lara, the teller of tales about our social and personal manners here and now, and the soother of our neuroses'. 

Jit Murad is considered to be one of Southeast Asia's finest - and funniest - playwrights. His plays have a distinctive wit, warmth and originality. This collection includes some of the playwrights' favourites: Gold Rain & Hailstones, Visits, The Storyteller, Malam Konsert and Split Gravy on Rice. The latter won four Boh Cameronian arts awards and has been made into a film, directed by Dato' Zahim Albakri. 

The anthology also contains notes by the playwright and directors, as well as reviews and photos that illustrate how the writing formed part of an innovate and exciting period of development in Malaysian theatre.

An insightful essay by widely-respected theatre scholar, Dr Susan Philip, also sheds light on the themes and values of Jit's work.

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Marginality and Otherness in Jit Murad's Plays
Dr Susan Philip
Gold Rain & Hailstones
The Storyteller
Malam Konsert
Spilt Gravy on Rice

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