Don't Forget To Remember Me

Paperback; 146 pages
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The Necessary Stage is at the forefront of social and community theatre in Singapore. Its plays, created through research and collaboration, engage different communities and empower audiences across all ages. 

In recent years, The Necessary Stage has been creating and performing plays on specific medical issues such as dementia, suicide, biomedical ethics and palliative care.

Don't Forget to Remember Me is a new collection featuring six of these plays by award-winning playwright Haresh Sharma.

Drama is a very effective tool in raising public awareness on important social issues. The plays in this collection will especially appeal to schools and social service agencies because they are educational and reach out to a wider public.

The publication also contains notes on the plays by the writer as well as an introduction by The Necessary Stage's founder and artistic director, Alvin Tan.

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Staying Alive
Future Perfect
When the Bough Breaks
Don't Know, Don't Care
I Have a Friend
Don't Forget to Remember Me

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