Invitation to Treat

Paperback; 252 pages
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"Apart from capturing zeitgeist more than the average playwright in Singapore, the works of Eleanor Wong represent a distillation of the hallmarks of dramatists both antecedent to and contemporaneous with her. She is that versatile auteur who partakes of the best features of Singapore's young but recognisable dramatic tradition. She excels with her fine ear for registering pitch and voice and wisely confines her characters and their liaisons to a milieu with which she is familiar.

"Still, to label her trilogy as lesbian plays is to be reductive. These plays succeed primarily because they are textured, weaving ruminations on personal identity, love and friendship, family and kinship, religious faith, the inextricable connection between the personal and political, the dialectics of centre and margin."

– Dr K. K. Seet (Director, Theatre Studies, Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore)

(Source: Invitation to Treat)


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