Ovidia Yu: Eight Plays

Paperback; 380 pages
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"Ovidia Yu is that rare breed of Singapore writer in at least two ways. In terms of versatility, she shares certain qualities with her literary predecessor, Goh Poh Seng, who has demonstrated aptitude and craft across a spectrum of genres...


"... Yu, sprouting in the scene in the late 1980s as nascence rather than renascence of an earlier, heavily influential tradition, didn't feel the need to imitate prevailing modes of the dominant tradition unlike the acolytes of Kuo like Haresh Sharma. There was therefore no need for feminine mimicry in compliance with the dominant discourse. By the same token, there was also no need to write back or write against the tradition of which she was no scion. Rather, Yu creates her own category of the female, the search of a female playwright for an identity universally identifiable yet uniquely her own."

– Dr K. K. Seet

(Source: Ovidia Yu: Eight Plays introduction)


The Woman in a Tree on the Hill
Three Fat Virgins
Playing Mothers
Love Calls
Life Choices
The Silence of the Kittens
Hitting (On) Women

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