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This is My Family: New Singapore Plays Volume 2 features six plays which were either produced or mentored by Checkpoint Theatre, and showcases vital artistic responses to the increasingly diversified notions of family. 

These plays examine with care, intelligence and honesty the joys and the pains of family: the papered-over cracks of a twenty-year marriage, the enduring ties between a parent and a child, the forging of bonds between those not bound by blood. 

This anthology of acclaimed plays includes Faith Ng's For Better or for Worse, which was nominated for Best Original Script in The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards, Joel Tan's Family Outing, and Recalling Mother by Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed. It is a testament to the varied output that Checkpoint Theatre has ushered to the stage in recent years, and celebrates the new and original writing that is crucial for Singapore theatre today.

The New Singapore Plays series underlines Checkpoint Theatre's commitment to nurturing young playwrights, and to developing original Singaporean work for the stage. These plays serve as a record of powerful new work and as a valuable resource for students and makers of theatre everywhere.

(Source: This is My Family: New Singapore Plays Volume 2 blurb) 


The Untitled Funeral Play
For Better or for Worse
Maggie and Milly and Molly and May
Family Outing
Recalling Mother

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