Huzir Sulaiman: Collected Plays 1998 - 2012

Paperback; 416 pages
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Huzir Sulaiman is one of Southeast Asia's most eminent playwrights, widely acclaimed for his elegant use of language, inventive humour and complex characters. The 12 plays in this collection offer unexpected perspective on social, political, and psychological realities that make for riveting theatre. 

The works defy easy classification, ranging from the biting political satire Atomic Jaya (1998), a madcap account of Malaysia's attempt to build an atomic bomb; to Occupation (2002), a love story set against the backdrop of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, which moves into a subtle meditation on the nature of history and memory; to the award-winning The Weight of Silk on Skin (2011), a morality tale about the quintessential ladies' man who seeks to save his soul by regaining his first love. 

Huzir Sulaiman: Collected Plays 1998 - 2012 offers readers an opportunity to acquaint themselves with a body of work that has lit up the stage over the past 13 years, and to discover for themselves the multiple meanings and penetrating insights that make Huzir Sulaiman one of the most important playwrights of his generation. 

(Source: Huzir Sulaiman: Collected Plays 1998 - 2012 blurb)


Atomic Jaya
The Smell of Language
Notes on Life & Love & Painting
Election Day
Those Four Sisters Fernandez
Whatever That Is
They Will Be Grateful
Opiume: The Narrator's Tale
The Weight of Silk on Skin

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