NUS-SHELL Short Plays Series: Prize Winning Plays Volume 1

Hardback; 135 pages
K C Ang Publishing Pte Ltd.
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"The first Short-Play Competition, oragnized in 1986 under the joint auspices of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore and Shell Companies in Singapore met with excellent response. A total of 56 entries were received, and the entrants ranged from students in junior colleges to retired government servants, representing diverse educational, social and cultural backgrounds. A total of 11 entries were awarded prizes...


"... It should be stressed in conclusion that each of the plays here presented would reap much benefit from the sustained attention and commitment of a workshop production. This would enable the playwright to tighten, re-structure, consolidate and improve the work for the stage. Some of the works here have in fact already had the experience of being adapted for their first productions. The texts made available here, however, are the full texts of the original entries. This broadens, rather than constricts the range of options available to the playwright to whom, finally, the selection of a 'final' version must always belong."

(Source: NUS-Shell Short Plays Series: Prize Winning Plays Volume 1 introduction) 


Ash and Shadowless
Reunion Dinner
In Praise of the Dentist
The Amah - A Portrait in Black and White
A Lowellian Drama: 'Tramps Like Us'
Two's Company, or Peter's Passionate Pursuit

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