(Asian) Dramaturgs' Network: Sensing, Complexity, Tracing and Doing

Paperback; 259 pages
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(Asian) Dramaturgs’ Network: Sensing, Complexity, Tracing and Doing explores the histories, stories, and practices of the Asian Dramaturgs’ Network (ADN), a network of dramaturgs, performance makers, cultural producers and performance scholars in the wider Asian region that has been active since 2016. It explores two questions that have emerged through ADN dialogues and events. Are there Asian or Asia-based dramaturgies of practice and performance? And how does one write about these within contextually grounded frames, moving beyond Eurocentric paradigms?

In selected essays, extracts from presentations, case studies and critical reflections, the collection explores the story of ADN, and the future of dramaturgy in and for performance in the region. It makes a strong case for rigorous and vibrant dramaturgical thinking, and is an open invitation for further dramaturgical work, opening up sustainable spaces for thinking and doing dramaturgy in the region.

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Book Launch

The launch of this publication took place on 22 August 2023 at the event What's Next, ADN? An Asian Dramaturgs' Network Book Launch and Dialogue - a celebration and dialogue about what's ahead for ADN. This was an in-person event with a livestream component via the ADN Facebook Page. 

Hosted by Centre 42, in collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres On the Bay and Pagesetters Services.

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Dramaturgy & Body Politics: From Not Knowing to Not Fully Knowing
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