ADN Re/View Vol. 1

E-zine; 116 pages
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Taking our cue from the very first ADN session titled Mapping the Terrain, which began with a discussion of how different Asian languages referred to ‘dramaturg’, ADN Re/View (Vol.1) charts some of the key ideas that emerged and circulated about dramaturgy and dramaturging in Asia. 

ADN Re/View is a series of three E-zines which offer snapshots of the work of ADN, drawing from the transcripts of the presentations and dialogues that occurred at varied ADN events since 2016. Each volume of the E-zine features a selection of transcripts, which the editorial team worked with to extract, annotate and condense ideas.

Together, the E-zines are an assemblage of ideas about the kinds of thinking and talking that ADN has made happen, and communicates a sense of what dramaturgs in Asia have been doing and thinking. They are intended to continue discussions begun at past ADN events, and represent an early step towards making sense of and theorising Asian-based dramaturgies.

ADN Re/View is published by Centre 42, with support from the National Arts Council Singapore.


ADN Re/View Vol. 1 is available as an e-copy here.

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