Shorts 1

Paperback; 269 pages
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This collection of 6 plays represents some of Haresh Sharma’s best and most popular early works. The collection also contains an introduction by Alvin Tan as well as notes to each play by Sharma.

"In the world of Singapore theatre, few can doubt that Haresh Sharma... is among its most powerful drivers." – Kirpal Singh

"The early plays by Sharma have a freshness and vitality which open up spaces for asking new questions of regimes and political systems. They raise new ideas about issues often overlooked on stage. Sharma doesn't create a discourse of antagonism or aggressive advocacy for change. Rather, he gently opens up little corners, pushes aside, just a little, the curtains, to open up a new discourse of what it means to be the first adult new Singaporeans post separation." – David Birch 

(Source: Shorts 1 blurb)


Lanterns Never Go Out
Talk II
Still Building

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