Adelyn Tan


The arts has always been a part of Adelyn's life, be it literature, film, or theatre. Since the age of seven, she has been putting pen to paper, focusing on prose and dabbling in poetry and playwriting. She fell in love with the local theatre scene in 2013, thanks to Michael Chiang's High ClassSRT's Othello and Pangdemonium's Gruesome Playground Injuriesand has strived to be a part of it ever since. She strongly believes in the power of art to do good, and tries to live by the credo 'to love and to serve'.

Adelyn graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2020 with a BA (Hons) in Arts Management. Her Honours dissertation, which was inspired by her summer internship with Centre 42, focused on the positive impacts of Centre 42's Repository. She is interested in the intersections of art and history, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, and sociopolitical issues. 

Adelyn enjoys archival and documentation, as a career and as concepts. She has worked on T:>Works' T:>Archive and the Centre 42 Archive of Singapore Theatre. 

Last Updated: March 2023