Gloria Tan

Gloria Tan attended NYAS (New York Acting School Singapore) and went on to NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) and graduated in 2009. Upon graduation, Gloria worked with leading Malay theatre and TV companies and production houses and received a Life! Theatre Best Ensemble award for Bilik/Ahmad. She is a familiar face in Suria and acted in her first movie, Banting, which premiered in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand in 2014. In 2016, she performed in a one-woman show titled Kancil: The chronicles of One and Zero with Zeugma and in that same year, she devised a piece titled My name is Jamie for Channel News Asia on depression in Youths. Since 2013, she has been touring with Osaka's critically acclaimed theatre company, Gumbo theatre, and starred in Hagi Daimyo for Osaka's Sakai arts fest and received a cross-cultural award in Kyoto for Kizugawa Tea Party in 2018. Her collaboration with Bali and Surabaya under The Necessary Stage for Untitled Cow was well received by the press across Indonesia and sold out. Since 2015 she has been co-developing a formula for multi-sensory shows for children with ASD under The Republic Cultural Centre and continues to work with the community till today.

Photography by throbbingpixels

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Staged: 13 July 2014

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Staged: 26 March 2010
Production Stage Manager

Staged: 20 August 2009
Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Operator

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Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Operator

Staged: 28 May 2009
Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Staged: 13 March 2009
Assistant Stage Manager