23 October 2020 – 25 October 2020 @ SISTIC Live, Online


“Everyone should have a chance to be King. Now, it’s my turn."

Based on the famous 16th-century epic novel by Wu Cheng’en, this is an action-packed tale of the roguish Monkey King and his exploits in a Journey To Nowhere.

Ingenious, witty, violent and impatient, Monkey has been imprisoned because of the chaos he has wrought in heaven. To be redeemed, he must guide the Buddhist monk Tripitaka on a mystical quest. Together with lovesick Pigsy, they encounter demons, spirits, dragons and gods on what seems to be a never-ending journey to the west.

Director & Playwright: Oliver Chong

Sound Designer: Jing Ng
Lighting Designer: Liu Yong Huay
Mask Designer & Maker: Chan Si Lei

Performers: Graduating students of NAFA Diploma in Theatre (English Drama) 2020

Production Manager: Celestine Wong
Stage Manager & Sound Operator: Geraldine Wong
Costume and Props Coordinator: Darren Guo
Technical Crew: Ian Tan, Raywyn Zayne Tan
Crew: Brenda Mok

(Source: The Finger Players Website)

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Oliver Chong
Director, Playwright
Jing Ng
Sound Designer
Liu Yong Huay
Lighting Designer
Chan Silei
Mask Designer, Mask Maker
Celestine Wong
Production Manager
Geraldine Wong
Stage Manager, Sound Operator
Darren Guo
Costume Coordinator, Props Coordinator
Ian Tan
Technical Crew


Journey to Nowhere (2020), Poster
Poster for Journey to Nowhere (2020). 
The Finger Players, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Recorded: 23 October 2020
The Present/Future Season (2020), Programme
Programme for The Present/Future Season (2020). 
The Finger Players, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Recorded: 23 October 2020