18 December 1997 – 20 December 1997 @ Ping-Fong Acting Troupe Theatre, Taiwan


Invisibility is a bold new play by Quah Sy Ren, directed by our Resident Director, Kok Heng Leun.

In the most chaotic time in the history of China, after the period of the Three Kingdoms, many sought to learn esoteric skills such as the art of making oneself invisible. What would a modern urban man do with the skill of invisibility? How many around us still seek this still?

Playwright: Quah Sy Ren
Director: Kok Heng Leun 
Assistant Director: Ko Siew Huey 

Freddie Low
Serene Chen
Rajesh Krishnamuti
Sim Pern Yiau
Low Kah Wei

Production Manager: Clarisse Ng
Stage Manager: Lee Sia Ang, Christine Lim 

Lighting Designer: Lee Cheng Heng
Lighting Operator: Elisa Kang
Sound Designer: Tan Chong Boon, Lee Shyh Jih
Sound Operator: John Chua 
Set Designer: Kok Heng Leung
Assistant Set Designer: Chen Feng Qin
Set Construction: Condec Engineering
Costume Designer: Lisa Marie Tan

(Source: The Necessary Stage Archives)

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Quah Sy Ren
Kok Heng Leun
Director, Set Designer
Ko Siew Huey
Assistant Director


Invisibility is a poignant tale about alienation and the search for meaning in modern urban society – scenes of various people on the margins of society seeking to connect with others are juxtaposition with the tale of a man searching for the secret to make himself invisible.  Drawing from diverse sources of Chinese literary classics and graffiti as modern social commentary, and moving from the private space of the lavatory to the public park, this critically-acclaimed play by Quah Sy Ren takes
Quah Sy Ren
Published: 2000