The Bride Always Knocks Twice (2013)

22 March 2013 – 6 April 2013 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building


The story begins on a day just like any other, in a house just like any other.

In the house, there is a door that is never locked, and contains a group of women who come from different moments in history, each with her own secret. Time comes to a standstill as soon as these women enter the house. They become oblivious to the relentless passing of time outside. 

One day, there is a knock on the door and a runaway bride bursts in, invading the peace and tranquility of the house, kicking off a series of suspenseful moments, frolics, disputes and warmth...

This is a comedy, albeit with eight tragic characters. This is an absurd drama, yet it throws light on the realities of life. 

Creative Team

Playwrights: Jonathan Lim, Liu Xiaoyi
Director: Kuo Jian Hong
Assistant Director: Rei Poh

Set Designer: Chen, Szu-Feng
Costume Designer: Theresa Chan
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan 
Sound Designer: Sandra Tay
Hair Designer: Ashley Lim
M.A.C Creative Artist: Beno Lim


Mia Chee
Isabella Chiam
Goh Guat Kian
Hung Chit Wah Felix
Judy Ngo
Su Chun Ying
Karen Tan
Siti Khalijah Zainal

Production Team

Production Manager: Chan Lee Lee
Technical Manager: Lee Bee
Stage Manager: Fu Kailing
Assistant Stage Managers: Chong Wee Nee, Lv Lin Xuan 

Stage Assistants: Lei Hoi, Christopher Yadao, Yeo Fu Bi
Props Master: Chan Lee Lee
Wardrobe Mistress: Theresa Chan
Wardrobe Assistant: Lauren Ann Seow 
Hair Assistant: Neo Lay Yan 
Surtitles Translator: Wang Liansheng
Translator (Malay/English): Najib Soiman 
Surtitles Operator: Melissa Chin 

Graphic Design: Hui Shi Li, Jiang Liheng
Video Editor: Sam Nai 

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme) 

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Jonathan Lim
Liu Xiaoyi
Rei Poh
Assistant Director
Chen Szu-Feng
Set Designer
Theresa Chan
Costume Designer, Wardrobe Mistress
Gabriel Chan
Lighting Designer
Sandra Tay
Sound Designer


The Bride Always Knocks Twice (2013), Brochure
Brochure for The Bride Always Knocks Twice (2013). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 22 March 2013
The Bride Always Knocks Twice (2013), Programme
Programme for The Bride Always Knocks Twice (2013). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 22 March 2013