10 June 1998 – 11 June 1998 @ Victoria Theatre


On these final resting grounds lay soldiers, prostitutes and a scholar. This sounds like a foreign land, ruins on a faraway wilderness. In actual fact, this cemetery is in our midst. It sits quietly in a private residential district, on Chuan Hoe Avenue in Yio Chu Kang.

The soldiers were from the Japanese Imperial Army of the Second World War. They were killed on battle grounds during the war, in execution chambers after. They died of illness, by accident, by suicide. They all lay here, regardless of rank or power.

Their tombstones, it has been said, were carved from stones stained with the blood of downed soldiers. These stones were transported secretly from Johore Bahru after the war by Japanese prisoners of war and were engraved with the words "martyr", "sacrifice"... 

The prostitutes came from Japan in the early part of this century, driven by poverty. They are too humiliated to return. Their tombstones were engraved with their Buddhist names and face West, away from the direction of their homeland.

The scholar is alone. In 1909, on his return from Russia, the famous literary figure Futaba Teishimei contracted tuberculosis and never made it back to Japan. 

The trinity of the soldier, the woman and the scholar - fertile grounds for the birth of tales and fables. Yet their deaths were hardly romantic. Nationalism, war, poverty, freedom - the living has made history lessons out of the dead. Yet the living has still to learn... 

Cast: Lin Lian Kun (China), Xie Shao Guang, Johnny Ng, Goh Guat Kian, Leanne Ong Teck Lian

Producer: Tan Beng Luan
Production Manager: Jeffrey Tan
Playwright: Kuo Pao Kun
Director: Stan Lai
Assistant to Director: Han Yong Hong

Set Designer: Han Sheng
Lighting Designer: Xiao Li He
Composer: Phoon Yew Tien
Costume Designer: Goh Lay Kuan
Movement: Kuo Jing Hong
Sound Effects Designer: Leong Wey Hsien

Stage Manager: Chan Lee Lee
Asst Stage Manager: Shelen Ong

Lightboard Operator: Tan Boon Wee
Soundboard Operator: Joan Teo
Scene Painters: Han Sheng, Ng Yak Whee, Lim Wei Ling
Set Construction: Condec Interior Construction
Set Coordinator: Lim Wei Ling, Tan Beng Tian
Props Master: Ho Kah Wai
Wardrobe Officer: Lee Wai Ying
Stage Crew: 
Ng Wen Lei
Ong Kian Sin
Lim Kok Siong
Dick Su
Lim Pei Ling
Ong Guat Teng

Post & Programme Cover Original Painting: Ng Yak Hwee
Programme Editor: Lim Soon Lan
Poster & Programme Design: Ong Guat Teng
Photographers: Mary-Ann Teo, Lim Seng Tiong 
Publicity: Yuqing, Lim Kok Siong
Front of House: Yeo Hon Beng 

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)

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Lin Lian Kun
Jeffrey Tan
Production Manager
Kuo Pao Kun


Singapore Festival of Arts (1998), Programme
Programme for Singapore Festival of Arts (1998). 
National Arts Council
Recorded: 28 May 1998
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The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 10 June 1998
The Spirits Play (1998), Programme
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The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 10 June 1998