21 June 2021 – 24 July 2021 @ KC Arts Centre


They are an everyday couple in a fairly stable relationship. Out of the blue, he pops the question about having a baby. What follows is an emotional rollercoaster ride that is LUNGS, an intensely intimate, intricate and funny play about what it means to be a couple confronted by a world of uncertainty. They grapple with making responsible choices in the face of rising social inequity, environmental disaster and political unrest. Watch what happens when life takes over and their principles are pushed aside.

Written by critically acclaimed British playwright Duncan Macmillan and directed by Daniel Jenkins, LUNGS is a fast-paced love story which will take your breath away.

Director: Daniel Jenkins

Set Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan
Costume Designer: Tan Jia Hui
Lighting Designer: Genevieve Peck
Sound Designer: Guo Ningru

Cast: Oon Shu An, Joshua Lim

(Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Website)


Duncan Macmillan
Petrina Dawn Tan
Set Designer
Tan Jia Hui
Costume Designer
Genevieve Peck
Lighting Designer
Guo Ningru
Sound Designer