25 August 2004 – 29 August 2004 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


In the faraway land there was a village and a red river carried its crimson waters across this little piece of land. Beside the river sat a small toilet shed; everyone liked it even though it was horribly dirty and smelly. For a hundred years, the villagers thought they would live happily ever after. 

One day, the king sent down an order to tear down the toilet. The villagers tried searching for the toilet construction manual passed down by their ancestors but they could not find it. Hence they shit in the river.

A hero tries to save the river in vain. 
A maiden refuses to be in distress.
He meets a suicidal queen.
She meets a seedy merchant. 
A teacher eats a fish and itches.
The jester laughs. Shit. Trip. And death.
They don't know what to do. 

Goh Seok Ai
Koh Hui Ling
Oliver Chong
Tay Kong Hui
Cheow Boon Seng
Edgar Lau
Evelyn Chia 

Director/Playwright/Set Designer: Li Xie

Lighting Designer: Lomvish Lam, Psyche Chui 
Sound Designer: Leong Wai Foong 
Costume/Mask Designer: Li Xie 
Co-Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai 
Arranger: Case Woo 

Production Manager: Lin Shi Yun 
Stage Manager: Evelyn Chia 
Deputy Stage Manager: Clarence Ng 
Costume Assistant: Wai Pei Ceiy 
Performance Videography: Calvin Loo
Sound Operator: Low How Han 
Crew: Jed Lim, Lim Beng Siew 

Ticketing Manager: Reene Ho 
Publicity Coordinator: Tara Tan, Goh Seok Ai 
Publicity Materials: Blay 
Website Designer: Lim Peng Huay, Tey Inn Ping 
Front of House Manager: Tara Tan
Front of House: Goh Seok Muay, Liew Li Ting, Lim Tian Yun 
Photography: Eric Chun (Publicity/Performance), Grey Yeo (Off Site), Rapheal Koh (Off Site) 

(Source: Drama Box Programme)


Goh Seok Ai
Cast, Publicity Coordinator
Evelyn Chia
Cast, Stage Manager
Li Xie
Director, Playwright, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Mask Designer


Shithole (2004), Postcard
Postcard for Shithole (2004).
Drama Box
Recorded: 25 August 2004
Shithole (2004), Programme
Programme for Shithole (2004).
Drama Box
Recorded: 25 August 2004