3 July 2003 – 17 July 2003 @ Singapore Repertory Theatre, Singapore


What happens when Malaysia decides to build an atomic bomb?

One of Asia’s classic satires. Deliciously politically incorrect, Atomic Jaya takes a caustic look at national hubris. We follow the intrepid physicist Dr. Mary Yuen as she takes on the top-secret national project and meets a madcap assortment of characters, from uranium smugglers to cabinet ministers, canteen ladies to a certain general with a Napoleonic fixation. Hilarious writing and virtuoso acting with 3 actors taking all 14 roles make for an unforgettable theatrical experience.


Claire Wong, Huzir Sulaiman, Gani Abdul Karim (in Singapore), Fahmi Fadzil (in Kuala Lumpur)

Production Team

Director: Casey Lim
Lighting Design: Dorothy Png
Digital Imagery Design: Casey Lim
Production Design: Dorothy Png & Casey Lim
Costume and Music Supervisor: Huzir Sulaiman
Atomic Bomb Song Composed: Rafique Rashid
Atomic Bomb Song Lyrics: Huzir Sulaiman

Production Stage Manager (Singapore): Joyce Yao
Production Manager (Kuala Lumpur): Lorna Tee
Stage Manager (Kuala Lumpur): Pierre-André Salim
ASM / Video / Lights Operator (Singapore): Pierre-André Salim
Stagehand (Singapore): Tay Peichin
Hair Stylist (Singapore): Ashley Lim
Makeup Artist (Singapore): Elaine Lee

Producers: Chiu Chien Seen, Casey Lim, Huzir Sulaiman, Claire Wong
Production Coordinator (Singapore): Pierre-André Salim
Administration & Accounting: Chiu Chien Seen
Legal Affairs: Claire Wong
Marketing & Publicity (Singapore): Michele Lim
Marketing & Publicity (Kuala Lumpur): Lorna Lee

(Source: Synopsis from Checkpoint Theatre Website and Credits from Checkpoint Theatre Programme)

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Claire Wong
Cast, Producer, Legal Affairs
Huzir Sulaiman
Cast, Costume Supervisor, Musician, Lyricist, Producer
Casey Lim
Director, Digital Imagery Design, Production Designer, Producer
Rafique Rashid
Music Composer
Joyce Yao
Production Stage Manager
Lorna Tee
Production Manager, Marketing, Publicity


Atomic Jaya (2003), Postcard
Postcard for Atomic Jaya (2003).
Checkpoint Theatre
Recorded: 3 July 2003
Atomic Jaya (2003), Programme
Programme for Atomic Jaya (2003).
Checkpoint Theatre
Recorded: 3 July 2003