Fundamentally Happy (2017)

16 March 2017 – 19 March 2017 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


10-year-old Eric enjoyed visiting the home of his neighbours, Habiba and Ismail. The couple, who was so fond of him, treated him like their own child. In the embrace of this warm relationship, Eric felt cared for and loved. To his young mind, the door to Habiba and Ismail’s house was a gateway to paradise. Fast forward 20 years, Eric is now 30 and has returned to his childhood home to visit his neighbours, only to uncover a shocking secret that has lain hidden in the house where he spent so many happy hours as a child.

Winner of Best Production and Best Original Script at the 2007 Life! Theatre Awards, this new Mandarin production of Fundamentally Happy is translated and directed by Nelson Chia, Artistic Director of Nine Years Theatre. It features a cast and creative team including respected performer Lok Meng Chue paired with Timothy Wan as Habiba and Eric, with set, lighting and sound designs by Wong Chee Wai, Liu Yong Huay and Ng Jing.

Fundamentally Happy is a gut-wrenching discourse on the heartbreaking nature of happiness.

Playwright: Haresh Sharma
Translator/Director: Nelson Chia

Cast: Lok Meng Chue, Timothy Wan

Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer: Liu Yong Huay
Sound Designer: Ng Jing
Costume Designer: Loo An Ni

Producer: Mia Chee
Production Stage Manager: Tennie Su
Assistant Stage Manager: Nadia Cheriyan

Crew: Ian Tan, Jean Jezreel Lee
Dresser: Musfirah Kamsin
Surtitlist: Shang Dianjun

Admin Executive: Natalie Wong
Ticketing and Accounts Assistant: Lynzie Au Yeung

(Source: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay Programme)

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Haresh Sharma
Nelson Chia
Translator, Director
Wong Chee Wai
Set Designer
Faith Liu Yong Huay
Lighting Designer
Ng Jing
Sound Designer
Loo An Ni
Costume Designer


Fundamentally Happy (2017), Programme
Programme for Fundamentally Happy (2017).
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 16 March 2017