4 February 2015 – 8 February 2015 @ Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore


Master of the house, Orgon, has invited religious Tartuffe to stay with the family. Not only that, his admiration for him is near insanity. He wants his daughter to marry Tartuffe, before making him the sole heir to his wealth. The rest of the family - the wife, son, daughter, and even the maid - has seen the hypocrite behind Tartuffe's pious appearance, except for Orgon who remains blinded by faith. As such, the family finds themselves at wit's end. How do you make a fox reveals its true nature? How do you make someone see the truth?

Creative and Production

Playwright: Molière
Director/Translator/Adaptation: Nelson Chia
Producer/Speech Coach: Mia Chee 

Production Stage Manager: Tennie Su 
Assistant Stage Manager: Tan Xiang Yi

Lighting Designer: Dorothy Png
Costume: Koh Wan Ching, Jean Toh, Darius Tan
Set: Nelson Chia, Hang Qian Chou

Research Coordination: Neo Hai Bin

Props: Tennie Su, Tan Xiang Yi 
Makeup: M.A.C Cosmetics 
Producer's Assistant & FOH Manager: Isaac Lim
Surtitles: Chelsea Sim
Production Intern: Sim Yan Ying 

Publicity Shoot Photographer: The Pond Photography
Publicity Shoot Makeup Artist: Zennie Casann 
Graphics Designer: Karen Mitchell
Costume Construction: Ann Lim
Set Construction: Huilin Trading
Printing: Allegro Print


Jalyn Han
Mia Chee
Neo Haibin
Jean Toh
Koh Wan Ching
Darius Tan
Hang Qian Chou

(Source: Nine Years Theatre Programme)

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Nelson Chia
Director, Translator, Adaptation, Set Designer
Mia Chee
Producer, Speech Coach, Cast
Tennie Su
Production Stage Manager, Props
Tan Xiang Yi
Assistant Stage Manager, Props
Dorothy Png
Lighting Designer
Koh Wan Ching
Costumes, Cast
Jean Toh
Costumes, Cast


Tartuffe (2015), Flyer
Flyer for Tartuffe (2015).
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 4 February 2015
Tartuffe (2015), Programme
Programme for Tartuffe (2015).
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 4 February 2015