7 February 2014 – 9 February 2014 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


Bosom buddies for the past 15 years, Serge, Marc and Yvan’s friendship is put to the test when Serge decides to pay a ridiculously high price for a modern painting – a white canvas with a few faint, white lines. Tension ensues when Marc calls the painting “a piece of white shit” and Serge decides to defend it stubbornly. Their differences in taste quickly degenerates into a relentless attack on each other’s failures in life. The absurdity of the situation escalates when Yvan, who is caught in the middle, vacillates between Serge and Marc as he tries to save the deteriorating friendship.

Hailed as her best-known comedic work, ART by French playwright Yasmina Reza is a woman’s keen observation of the complexities of friendship between men. This play has also won numerous awards in London and New York.

Creative Team

Producer: Mia Chee
Director: Nelson Chia
Playwright: Yasmina Reza
Translator: Gong Baorong

Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Music Composer and Sound Artist: Darren Ng 

Production Team

Production Manager/Props Designer: Chan Lee
Stage Manager: Tennie Su
Assistant Stage Manager: Tan Xiang Yi

Costume Coordinator: Eclair Lim, Karen May 
Surtitlist: Shang Dianjun
Director's Assistant/Crew: Cherilyn Woo, Thong Pei Qin
Graphics Designer: Ric Liu 
Photography: The Pond Photography


Peter Sau
Liu Xiaoyi
Oliver Chong

(Source: Nine Years Theatre Programme)

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Mia Chee
Nelson Chia
Yasmina Reza
Gong Baorong
Wong Chee Wai
Set Designer
Lim Woan Wen
Lighting Designer
Darren Ng
Sound Artist, Music Composer
Chan Lee Lee
Production Manager, Props Designer


Art (2014), Brochure
 Brochure for Art (2014).
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 7 February 2014
Art (2014), Programme
Programme for Art (2014).
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 7 February 2014