The Campaign To Confer The Public Service Star on JBJ (2006)

9 December 2006 – 13 August 2006 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building


David Lee (Rodney Oliveiro), NUS student and President of the Association of Students for Self Expression (ASS), takes it upon himself to launch The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ. His plucky project takes him on an amazing adventure with both expected and surprising twists and turns.

Clara Tang (Pam Oei), rising star of the Civil Service, is tasked to exercise damage control. In the most challenging mission of her career, she finds herself navigating the maze of New Singapore and Old Constraints. 

Join us for a tongue-in-cheek look at the boundaries (perceived or otherwise) of fearless expression in Singapore! This fantastical account of an unlikely petition to publicly recognise an unsung hero unfolds into a wildly imaginative “what-if” exploration of possible official reactions!

Could this ever happen in Singapore? Remember, objects in the mirror might be closer than they appear.

Celebrated playwright and lawyer Eleanor Wong writes her full-length play since her ground-breaking trilogy Invitation to Treat with characteristic incisiveness, boldness and razor sharp wit. Directed by Ivan Heng, and with Pam Oei and Rodney Oliveiro creating a cast of at least ten, this promises to be an exciting, thought-provoking roller coaster ride. 

Playwright: Eleanor Wong
Directed by: Ivan Heng

Cast: Pam Oei, Rodney Oliveiro

Video Artist: Casey Lim
Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
Costume Designer: Mothar Kassim
Hair Designer: Ashley Lim

Production Manager: BB Koh
Stage Manager: Elnie Shumastri Mashari
Technical Manager: Teo Kuang Han

(Source: Wild Rice Programme)

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Eleanor Wong
Ivan Heng
Casey Lim
Video Artist
Yo Shao Ann
Lighting Designer
Mothar Kassim
Costume Designer
Ashley Lim
Hair Designer


Singapore Theatre Festival (2006), Flyer
Flyer for Singapore Theatre Festival (2006)
Wild Rice
Recorded: 2 August 2006
Singapore Theatre Festival (2006), Programme
Programme for Singapore Theatre Festival (2006)
Singapore Theatre Festival (2006), Programme
Recorded: 2 August 2006
The Campaign To Confer The Public Service Star on JBJ (2006), Programme
Programme for The Campaign To Confer The Public Service Star on JBJ (2006).
The Campaign To Confer The Public Service Star on JBJ (2006), Programme
Recorded: 9 August 2006