31 August 2023 – 2 September 2023 @ Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building


An unspeakable tragedy has struck a quiet small town. To restore order, justice, and inner peace, the law compels the victims to get their hands dirty - but who will be held accountable?

Performed by the ITI graduating cohort of 2023, The Chair is an original work that raises questions on individual and collective responsibility, grief, and the desperate, at times absurd pursuit of justice in an unjust world. Who has the right to decide? When is justice served? What do we owe to each other in the balancing of scales?

This thought-provoking ensemble work is brought to life by five actor-students, incorporating their training in Asian Traditional and Western Contemporary forms with the clarity, rhythm, and stylistic precision of V. Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, taught by the play’s Director and ITI Acting teacher Li Xie. 

Director: Li Xie
Set Design: Devised by Director and Cast
Lighting Designer: Faith Liu Yong Huay
Sound Designer: Meng Jiaoyang
Composer: Julian Wong
Costume Designer: Max Tan
Prop-maker: Puny Life Form
Graphic Designer: Max Yam
Publicity Photographer: Tawfiq Ismail

Production Manager: Clarisse Ng
Stage Manager: Marilyn Chew
Assistant Stage Manager: Shivani Rajan
Front of House Manager: Ruzaimah Abuamin

Marketing Team: Ryan Iero, Max Yam, Tawfiq Ismail, Tess Pang

Cast: Abinaya Jothi, Cheng Kam Yiu (Yolanda), Choy Chee Yew, Mika Oskarson Kindstrand, Swathilakshmi Perumal

(Source: Intercultural Theatre Institute Programme)


Li Xie
Director, Set Designer
Faith Liu Yong Huay
Lighting Designer
Meng Jiaoyang
Sound Designer
Julian Wong
Max Tan
Costume Director
Max Yam
Graphic Designer, Marketing
Tawfiq Ismail
Publicity Photographer, Marketing
Clarisse Ng
Production Manager