4 October 2018 – 6 October 2018 @ Adaptable Theater, Saitama Arts Theater, Japan


Set in the 1960's, Kampong Chempedak tells the story of a Singapore kampong (village) surrounded by local chempedak trees. The elderly residents are forced to move out of their village into new, high-rise apartments. There is anxiety and complex human conflicts which test the relationships of the residents. However, it is in difficult times that brings out the flavor of friendship - like the chempedak fruit that is tough on the outside but has sweet fruit side by side on the inside. This play is performed in multiple Chinese dialects, English, Malay and Tamil, just like the way the many races communicate with each other in a kampong. 

Director: Pat Toh
Assistant Directors: Ace Chew, Catherine Sng
Playwright: Peggy Ferroa

Performed by: 
George Chew
Estella Kwok
Nancy Tay
Susan Siew
Jerry Soh
Rani Alli
Susannah Low
Lim Ah Lek
Kong Yat Chiu
Pauline Boey
Sharon Liew
Beatrice Chien
Tan Ah Moi
Ivy Goh
Tan Jit Kin
Cheong Wui Seng
Ace Chew

Lighting Designer/Production/Stage Manager: Alvin Chai

(Source: The Glowers Drama Group Programme)

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Pat Toh
Ace Chew Keng Long
Assistant Director, Performer
Catherine Sng
Assistant Director
Peggy Ferroa
George Chew
Estella Kwok
Nancy Tay
Susan Siew


Kampong Chempedak (2018), Programme
Programme for Kampong Chempedak (2018). 
The Glowers Drama Group
Recorded: 4 October 2018