5 December 2018 – 15 December 2018 @ Wisma Geylang Serai


In 2003, Teater Ekamatra created Projek Suitcase, a project with a poor theatre format involving one actor and one suitcase. It is now presented as a site-specific mini-festival of monologues exploring the power of storytelling through the solitary voice. Projek Suitcase is inspired by the medicine man, selling ointments in back alleys, equipped with only his bag and many tales to convince his audience.

Die Before You Die: this powerful quote has managed to find its way into many religions, beliefs and ways of life. It is believed that the wisdom attained upon death reveals the true value of what is important and what is not. Nothing goes with you except the sum of what your life has been. Not your job, not your family, not a suitcase of your prized possessions. We invite you to Die Before You Die with us in Projek Suitcase 2018 at the Wisma Geylang Serai as we look at the contemplation of death, and dying, as an imperative part of life, and living.

Artistic Director: Mohd Fared Jainal

Installation & Collateral Designer: Akbar Syadiq
Design Assistants: Edeline Lee, Lim Yan Ting

Adib Kosnan
Dalifah Mohd
Farez Najid
Fasyali Fadzly
Iefiz Alaudin
Ridhwan Saidi
Roshafiq Roslee
Rizman Putra

Playwright for Tauke Panggung: Zulfadli Rashid 

Producers: Shaza Ishak, Munah Bagharib
Production Stage Manager: Khairina Khalid 
Production Assistants: Akansha, Debbie Lee Zhi Jun, Edeline Lee, Kryshan Hilbero Sahagun, Nurul Faeezah bte Paijan

Marketing & FOH Manager: Putri Qistina
Marketing & FOH Assistants: Jasyn Gan Zi Sin, Lim Yan Ting 
Ticketing Manager: Adeel Kasban 

Production Crew: Ali bin Mazrin, Ikhlas bin Zulkifli, Muhammad Raihan bin Jamaludin, Muhammad Sarni bin Rakib

Production Archival: Mad Kings Production

(Source: Teater Ekamatra Programme)

Productions under this Multiple Bill


Mohd Fared Jainal
Artistic Director
Akbar Syadiq
Installation, Collateral Designer
Edeline Lee
Design Assistant, Production Assistant
Denise Lim Yan Ting
Design Assistant, Front of House Assistant
Adib Kosnan
Dalifah Mohd
Farez Najid
Fasyali Fadzly


Projek Suitcase (2018), Programme
Programme for Projek Suitcase (2018).
Teater Ekamatra
Recorded: 5 December 2018