The Magic Paintbrush (2016)

27 October 2016 – 16 November 2016 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building


With an accidental wish, Toni Lee, a youngster from present-day Singapore quite unexpectedly meets a Magic Paintbrush, and is transported back in time to a Southern Province of China. There Toni is transformed into Ma Liang, and in a series of crazy magical adventures, Ma Liang's story unfolds.

Meet the tuneful Phoenix who guides and helps Ma Liang with his quest. Watch out for the comical Palace Guards, Sotong and Shrimp, as they try to capture Ma Liang for the cruel, greedy Emperor and his wicked schemes!

Through the fun and laughter, a clear and strong moral message about the value of creativity, friendship, and the dangers of using, or abusing power is presented in this magical, musical family show. 


Jodi Chan
Tan Shou Chen
Amanda Tee
Ebi Shankara
Darren Guo
Dwayne Tan
Elizabeth Loh
Ghazali Muzakir
Daphne Ong 


Script and Lyrics Written and Directed by: Brian Seward
Songs Composed by: Kenneth Lyen
Song Arrangements & Additional Music by: Bang Wenfu
Musical Director: Sara Wee 
Choreographed by: Cathy Kee 

Set and Props Designed by: Wai Yin Kwok
Puppets Designed and Made by: Lisa Kelly
Lighting Designed by: Gabriel Chan
Flower Costumes Designed and Made by: Nakupelle 
Costume Realisation by: Joanne Ng Mui Huang 

Production Team

Production Manager: Hatta Sulaiman
Stage Manager: Alycia Finley
Assistant Stage Managers: Nadia Noordin, Nureen Raidah, Delia Oh Kheng Yee
Crew (Intern): Nur Atikah
Sound Engineer/Operator: Sharizal Hamid 
Lighting Ops: Justina Khoo 

Home Team

Marketing and Publicity Executive: Abdul Malek 
Ticketing and Front of House Manager: Masnita Omar
Ticketing Officer: Raudha Latiff
Admin and Finance Manager: Rahilah Abdul Rahman

(Source: Synopsis from I Theatre Flyer and Credits from I Theatre Programme)

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The Magic Paintbrush (2016), Flyer
Flyer for The Magic Paintbrush (2016). 
I Theatre
Recorded: 27 October 2016
The Magic Paintbrush (2016), Programme
Programme for The Magic Paintbrush (2016).
I Theatre
Recorded: 27 October 2016