The Enormous Turnip (2015)

17 November 2015 – 6 December 2015 @ Drama Theatre, School of the Arts


I Theatre's unique brand of professional actors, unforgettable songs, mask, puppetry and theatre magic brings you the story of a tiny mouse - and an enormous turnip, returning after a very successful sell-out run in 2013.

Little Eek the Mouse's dream is to be noticed. But Eek is SO small. 

Diggory the Gardener's dream is to win a prize - any prize for his vegetables. And then in his garden, a turnip just grows - and grows - and grows! 

Where does it come from? Who is strong enough to pull this Enormous Turnip out of the ground? And what will they do with it then?

A fast paced, colourful, interactive play, carefully designed for the younger audience with cute characters, fun and memorable songs, and a clear moral message for everyone.


Alecia Kim Chua, Ebi Shankara, Ghazali Muzakir, Elizabeth Loh, Windson Liong


Script and Lyrics Written and Directed by: Brian Seward
Music Composed and Arranged by: Julian Wong 
Musical Director: Sara Wee
Choreographed by: Cathy Kee

Set and Props Designed by: Wai Yin Kwok
Lighting Designed by: Josiah Yoong
Costumes Designed by: Brian Seward
Costume Realisation by: Joanne Ng Mui Huang 

Production Team

Production Manager: Hatta Sulaiman
Stage Manager: Nadia Noordin
Sound Ops: Sharizal Hamid
Assistant Stage Managers: Alycia Finley, Nureen Raidah
Props Assistants/Stage Crew (Interns): Farah Syahidah, Dhia A'qilah

Home Team

General Manager: Jasmine Choe
Ticketing and Front of House Manager: Masnita Omar
Ticketing Officer: Raudha Latiff
Administrator: Rahilah Abdul Rahman

(Source: Synopsis from I Theatre Flyer and Credits from I Theatre Programme)

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Brian Seward
Playwright, Lyricist, Director, Costume Designer
Julian Wong
Music Composer, Music Arranger
Sara Wee
Musical Director


The Enormous Turnip (2015), Brochure
Brochure for The Enormous Turnip (2015).
I Theatre
Recorded: 17 November 2015
The Enormous Turnip (2015), Flyer
Flyer for The Enormous Turnip (2015). 
I Theatre
Recorded: 17 November 2015
The Enormous Turnip (2015), Programme
Programme for The Enormous Turnip (2015). 
I Theatre
Recorded: 17 November 2015