20 May 2021 – 22 May 2021 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building

5 June 2021 – 12 June 2021 @ SIFA On Demand, Online


The award-winning ensembles of Singapore’s Nine Years Theatre and the SITI Company from New York join hands to present this hybrid retelling of Anton Chekhov’s classic play Three Sisters.

Three Sisters, by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, stands as one of the most outstanding plays of his career. Olga, Masha, and Irina – the titular sisters - fritter away their lives in a provincial town, while they dream of returning to the cosmopolitan city where they grew up.

Chronicling their tangled relationships, ordinary frustrations and search for meaning, the play opens a moving window into the human condition, and reveals Chekhov’s profound understanding of universal themes.

In this new hybrid work co-created by Singapore Mandarin theatre company Nine Years Theatre (NYT) and the SITI Company from New York, this classic play is re-imagined as a memory-scape of Irina, the youngest sister. The NYT actors will be performing alongside cinematic projections of SITI Company actors that allude to visual memories in the mind. The heart-wrenching story is then told through a juxtaposition of live bodies and virtual presence, heightening the tragi-comedic sentiments of these Chekhovian characters in an absurd world.

Don’t miss this version of Three Sisters that brings together the creativity of the two companies to share a timeless story, in a way that is also a quirky response to the current global unnormal.

By: Anton Chekov
Based on English version by: Sarah Ruhl
Conceived and Directed by: Nelson Chia, Darron L West
Created and Performed by: Nine Years Theatre, SITI Company

Ellen Lauren
Akiko Aizawa
Mia Chee
Timothy Wan
Leon Ingulsrud
Stephen Duff Webber
Hang Qian Chou
Barney O'Hanlon
Neo Hai Bin
Wendi Wee Hian
Koh Wan Ching

Director/Set Concept: Nelson Chia
Producer: Mia Chee

Co-Costume Designers: Yuan Zhiying, Jacqueline Teo
Lighting Designer: Genevieve Peck 

Script Translator: Neo Hai Bin
Production Manager: Tennie Su
Stage Manager: Ng Siaw Hui 
Technical Manager: Ian Tan 

Sound Associate and Operator: Guo Ningru 
Assistant Stage Managers: Teo Pei Si, Natalie Wong 
Wardrobe Manager: Tan Jia Hui 
Surtitle Operator: Shang Dianjun 

Performance Hair: Ashley Salon
Performance Makeup: The Make Up Room
Title Logo and Graphic Design: Ryan Loi

Video on Demand Film Team: Thunk Pte Ltd (Ler Jiyuan, Cheong Ying Sien, Wan Othman, Zen Yeo, Patrick Chan)

USA Creative Team

Director/Sound Designer: Darron L West
Producer/Dramaturg: Megan E Carter

Lighting Designer: Brian H Scott
Projection Designer and Programmer: Sam Kusnetz

Production Stage Manager: Gian-Murray Gianino
Stage Manager: Alyssa Escalante
SITI Executive Director: Michelle Preston
Artistic Advisor: Anne Bogart

(Source: Nine Years Theatre Programme)


Anton Chekov
Sarah Ruhl
Nelson Chia
Conceptualizer, Director, Set Concept
Darron L West
Conceptualizer, Director, Sound Designer
Ellen Lauren
Akiko Aizawa
Mia Chee
Cast, Producer


Three Sisters (2021), Programme
Programme for Three Sisters (2021). 
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 20 May 2021