31 May 2018 – 3 June 2018 @ Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building


February 14, the Japanese troops are approaching.

The Tay's household, rural Singapore. A welcoming offer of shelter from certain danger in the city turns into an uneasy living arrangement between two families worlds apart in class. Will their convictions and world-views hurt or help each other? Will they bother seeing past their trappings? Or rather, can they?

The Moon Is Less Bright presents a provoking look at our instinctive class consciousness, how we carry ourselves and judge others. When we resent privilege in others and insist on our set of values: are they well-founded or misguided, for better or worse?

The Second Breakfast Company's re-staging of Singapore literary pioneer and Cultural Medallion recipient Goh Poh Seng's first play is a poetic drama revived for the modern stage to examine current concerns of privilege and inequality in Singapore, 55 years since it was first written.

Playwright: Goh Poh Seng
Director: Adeeb Fazah
Assistant Director: Mark Benedict Cheong

Producer: Denise Dolendo, Kristine Ng
Dramaturg: Nah Dominic

Lighting Designer: Jim Chan
Set and Sound Designer: Mark Benedict Cheong
Costume Coordinator: Meihui Chen

Production Manager: Deena Shaqinah
Stage Manager: Cheong Hong Wei
Assistant Stage Manager: Ivan Tan

Cheryl Tan
Benjamin Koh
Fadhil Daud
Ivan Choong
Lynn Chia
Miriam Cheong
Qotn Van S Y
Xie Shangbin

(Source: The Second Breakfast Company)

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Goh Poh Seng
Adeeb Fazah
Mark Benedict Cheong
Assistant Director, Set Designer
Kristine Ng
Dominic Nah
Jim Chan
Lighting Designer
Chen Meihui
Costume Coordinator


2018 Main Season (2018), Poster
Poster for The Second Breakfast Company's 2018 Main Season, including The Moon is Less Bright and The Old Woman and the Ox. 
The Second Breakfast Company
Recorded: 31 May 2018
The Moon is Less Bright (2018), Poster
Poster for The Moon is Less Bright (2018).
The Second Breakfast Company
Recorded: 31 May 2018